tip toe tip

MIchelle is not a model, she works for Roland Mouret. (I have a hunch that's his jacket and possibly gorgeous bubble-ish black shorts, but I didn't ask). And it wasn't til after I met her, chatted a bit, took the shots, uploaded, and finally started going thru the photos one by one that I discovered her thigh high fashion tip (below).

Roland Mouret, by the way, has an interesting story. He's back, but I can't find a website for him. But you can find him through net-a-porter, here.

I've already lifted Lizzie's tip for creating this season's must have item, black booties, out of black heels with black ankle socks (see 'black booty', 3 September) but Michelle's trick is too tempting to pass up.

I have a pair of good black riding boots from last winter (not as nice as hers, granted) and an investment in of over-the-knee socks is less of a financial commitment than buying the actual boots. For years & years, I was the only girl I knew wearing them (apart from hookers & drag queens, of course). I'd gotten a fabulous pair in a synthetic but very real looking black suede, kind of stretchy, from a thrift shop on Long Island by a designer who's name eludes me. Eventually, the material started literally falling apart. I throw out very few things, but these were really starting to shed black powder over everything.

R.I.P., lovely thigh high boots. Know you will not be replaced: instead, I'm taking a leaf from Michelle's book.


Nini's Style said...

Love love her outfit.

Dream Sequins said...

Oh damn. I love her jacket and her boots. I need them in my life.