so tired

Last night, while some people were no doubt out at parties till the wee hours, I was sitting in the dark with my laptop, going through all these images, like memories. There are so many, and tomorrow is another day, and the day after that. I've got time to show you what I've seen. Tonight, however, I'm going to get me some sleep.

But before I do, one more shot: Justine Bruman, who I met on Day Four of London Fashion Week, and judging by the time of day, I'm guessing she'd just finished the Todd Lynn show. I've found a shot from the show that I'm guessing is her, but I could be wrong. She was so ethereal. Altho she was looking at me, she wasn't seeing me. That's how tired she was.

If there's anyone out there who dreams of the glamour of a model's life, I've seen that no one works harder than these models. The shows are over so quickly, yet so much energy is expended, so much expectation put onto such a brief moment in time.

So to Justine, and the countless people who have worked harder than me, and slept less: this Bud's for you.

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sofiasophie said...

these shoulders? amazing!