bringing up baby

Perhaps I should explain myself. This is an obscure reference: Cary Grant/Kate Hepburn film. Leopard. Baby.

Oh, never mind. It's just that leopard prints, if you haven't just landed from another planet, are everywhere this season, and I'm sure, wherever in the world you may be while you're reading this, they're where you are, too. And frankly, I'm running out of clever titles to go with them. Leopards, spots, change. Ho hum.

But this is perhaps my favourite leopard look to date, probably because I see a lot of myself in this girl, in her style, and I've got almost the same brogues (or, Oxfords, if you're not British). And, I've been wearing them with black ankle socks a lot, too. And I like the way she agreed to pose, but then looked away. And smiled. Most people, when you ask to shoot them, look right at the camera, and smile, but not always with their eyes. Unless of course they're a professional model, or want to be one. In which case, they absolutely do not smile. Unless, of course, you say something funny.

Anyway, Bringing up Baby is one of my favourite films, because it's so simple & silly & there's no message whatsoever. Apart from the fact that the right guy ends up with the right girl at the end. Just as it should be, in real life.


Anonymous said...

I love this girls coat - and she wears it so well!
I was just wondering if you could email me the pictures of me and Nicky - my email address is on my blog page!


Aline Dahl said...

her outfit is just perfect! great sense of style.

StyleSpy said...

Big Hepburn fan here, so I got your reference!

All the brogues I'm seeing have made me want a pair, and also a pair of white bucks. Can I wear white bucks in the winter?


dot said...

; ) Ha ha, got YOUR reference, Ms. Spy! No, white bucks are not allowed in the winter, but for you, we shall make an exception.

Hi Coco! Thanks xx

Alice: left a comment/message on your lovely lovely blog - and plan to send them today. AND post about it! So nice to meet you!!

Nini's Style said...

Love her dress!!!