Perhaps it's the mild fever.. I'm not quite nipping this bug in the bud yet. I'm going thru hundreds, thousands of shots from London Fashion Week, which for you fashionistas is soooo two weeks ago, but for me, in this delirious state, is still happening. And I've still got so many non LFW week shots to post!!

I didn't ask this girl her name or where she got that dress/smock/coat under her black leather jacket. I'm in such a state that I can't decide between these two shots. They're so similar, and yet, different. So you're getting both: lucky you.

UPDATE: Woke this morning (still in a state of mild indecision, but Mr. Dot has googled swine flu, and I don't remotely have the symptoms, including, apparently, an inability to lift one's chin from one's chest - perhaps he read that wrong) & saw that someone named Annika had kindly identified this girl as Ida Pyk, a fellow blogger. Wish I could read Swedish.

Thank you Annika! Thank you, each of you, for your comments. It makes blogging feel less like a monologue and more like a conversation.


Style, She Wrote said...

Great pics.

I do like the first one better - makes me wonder what she is looking at in the distance. Love her jacket.


annika said...

that's ida pyk...a blogger as well:

love your blog by the way...

Leah said...

I like both images... it's her eyes that made the difference.

Great to see a lot of outfit posts from you whether they are ages away. I'm more interested in the images, how you shot them and all.

Mom Fashion World said...

jill-she's so gorgeous.
i just can't get enough of her sweet face.

p.s yes, i'm from philippines. I've a sister in Fl
and a brother in California but I still feel homesick though.
i know lynn from allthingsnyc but i haven't yet met her in person.

Unknown said...

by the way, in response to your comment, that would be much fun to work on something together :)


dot said...

Thank you all! Annika: I hope you read this - thanks for identifying Ida, will add it to the post right now.


sofiasophie said...

I like her dress....