grey day

Was thinking recently, it seems a lot of one's 'style' is colour, or lack of it. Some are bold colour people. Or all black. Or black, with bright or metallic accents. OR Pastel People. Or Miss Neutrals. And then there are the Greys. I've had such a love/hate relationship with grey - it really depressed me in the late 90s, it felt cheap and sad paired with black and purple. I can't explain, but that colour combination just makes me sad. And it rather tarred my feelings towards grey, I must admit.

And then this summer, I fell in love in the most sudden, lightening bolt fashion: grey, with a tan, with pale skin, in various shades, charcoal, pale, paired with neutrals and nudes and pale pinks.. then this hot sunny September, it just didn't rock my world any more. I fell out of love with grey.

But today... I'm looking at this model from fashion week, and I can see the point of it. Especially with silver, and black. And her pale blonde hair is such a sun-shiney foil. In fact, as I type this, I'm wearing a soft grey cardigan that I found on the street during fashion week, right outside Somerset House. Being run over by a taxi (the cardigan, not me - altho, close). It probably fell off a model as she jumped into a waiting car and got whisked away to a party. And now it's on me, dry and warm and loved, like a stray cat.

What colour combo are you? And are you in character today? Is there a colour, or combination, that you wouldn't be caught dead in? (for me, it's red. And as combos, there's no way I'd wear black with orange, or yellow: and yet, black with orange AND hot pink, sure!!). Sometimes, tho, it's good to go totally out of character. One of these days, perhaps, I'll embrace red, like my friend Felicia wore today: a tomato red wool coat with huge frilly collar. It almost could convert me.

But not today. Today, I'm feeling grey. In a cosy, tea drinking, luxurious sort of way.


Ashley said...

I love her boots and the dark color palette she's chosen.


Style Odyssey said...

oh J., i love gray so much, so i love this post! my love affair w/ this somber neutral began in kindergarten when my mom made me a gray shift dress which i adored.

gray with purple? i cannot imagine why you stopped liking gray, lol! horrid combination.

i wouldn't wear orange with black, either. or orange with brown. (orange with tan or khaki, yes.) i wore yellow w/ black in the 80s- like, twice before seeing how it really looked, and then going "hmm...uh, no."

so what color combo am i? i'm not sure anymore with this new auburn hair color! but it surely includes charcoal gray. :)

Cristi Silva said...

OHHHH she is emensly beautiful(PS I can't spell) those are amazing street style shots for you!!!!!

:) The band today is Kyuss. they are "desert metal" out of Palm Springs. they brached off in to Queens of the Stone Age, You may recognize the gutar riffs. I have been in love with Kyuss for about 10 years now. :)

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

as per my post today, i'm in a black/grey mood today as well. i have actually been feeling like wearing all black for the first time since i was 13 recently. the new cos line is calling out my name :)

p.s. i've been meaning to say thanks for your kind comment- it means loads to know someone is taking an interest!

Rosalind said...

I love these shots. And I'm actually the same as you- I used to think that grey was so boring and unoriginal, but it'snow oneof my most work colours! I especially love charcoal shades,but any type is really versatile. It's not as bold as black, but not as summery as white. I think there's a certain kind of sophistication with grey.. I could talk about the many wonders of grey for a while! (You just have to look at my grey jeager jacket post to understand my slight obsession.)
You're really good at picking up on emerging trends..
More wonderful recent posts!


Girl in the loft said...

8i have a love hate relationship with grey as well! i think its meant to be that way ;)

The Photodiarist said...

I wore grey and black today. I love grey. And black. What can I say . . . But grey with purple? I can see why you feel so ambivalent about grey if a purple/grey combo is stuck in your head . . .

But wait a minute . . . what if the purple is vibrant and bright? Why not with grey?

Mohawk Conspiracy said...

WOW this is a GREAT blog that I just discovered! Lucky me! xx

NoƩmie K said...

a m a z i n g *°*°*°*°*

StyleSpy said...

I'm not a big fan of gray. I never wear it, because it makes me look like a corpse, and IMHO it's hard to do without being dull. I always prefer a jolt of color. I'm also trying (not very successfully) not to wear so much black near my face, because as I get older it's too harsh & can make me look a bit haggard. I wouldn't say there's a combination I won't do, but I've never really liked brown & black or navy & black together -- I seem to go for either truly monochromatic colorways or high-contrast ones.


Nini's Style said...

She's beautiful !!!!!
I just now saw the cake part. You're just so SWEET. Thanks again.

AMIT said...

She is just wonderful looking awesome.Thanks for sharing.

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Cafe Fashionista said...

Now this is perhaps one of my favorite photographs I have ever seen you post - and not just because I am utterly obsessed with the color grey, the subject in question, or the sheer amazing-ness of her ensemble; but because the lighting is just perfect, and the second photograph literally looks like something straight out of an ELLE editorial. Simply loving your work here.

And Jill, I just have to say that your comments always make my day - you are the sweetest! :)

Belinda said...

I had to giggle about your love/hate relationship with grey, as its my all time favorite color, after black of course! :-) What I love about grey is that its personality can change completely depending on what other shades its paired with. That, and the fact that it is so flattering.