jungle fever

Portobello Road, London.

An abundance of black, a good dose of leather, leggings, a sprinkle of brass and gold details, and a pinch of animal print: the perfect recipe for the Fall 2009 Season. (And of course, a little blackberry in one's ear. I am so looking forward to the time when this looks dated, because we've all got little teeny tiny phones in our ears. Like contacts. I'm sure someone's working on it, as we speak).

What I love about this year is how we're balancing the bling with being green: if one wants the luxury of fur, one goes vintage ('I didn't kill it, it was already dead') or faux. And the use of animal print on fabric or knit is such a sweet way to stay chic yet socially conscious. So there's just the leather factor. I was blown away by how Stella McCartney, a passionate vegetarian, has done such gorgeous non-leather shoes. It's all going in the right direction. How do you stand on the real/faux debate?

More fun fur shots coming up. Must fly! xoxo


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm in the mood for a little jungle fever myself. :)

I try to stay faux with everything I wear - I can't stand the idea of wearing a dead animal. In fact, when I was in seventh grade, I paid an extra $100.00 to special order vegetarian Doc Martens just so I wouldn't have a pair made of leather! :)

StyleSpy said...

I have very belatedly bought some wet-ish look black leggings and plan on playing with them this weekend. Inspired by this, maybe I'll give them a run with my black harness boots...


Pearl Westwood said...

'I didn't kill it, it was already dead' LOL!
I am currently suffering my concious on this very issue (I was planning a post on it), as I absolutely am againts real fur and fur farms so much. I say if I dont eat it I wont wear it. Thing is I was given a vintage real rabbit fur muffler by an old family friend, which I feel so guily about because I love it and it was a gift, but I have it stuffed in the back of my closet because I feel so guilty that it is real fur. I think it is awful that all the vintage fur should just be thrown away (what a waste) but then I think wearing it just encourages more modern production. I have seen how much some of the animals suffer on fur farms that I get upset just thinking about it. Ok sorry Jill I will stop talking now LOL x




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