go ahead: make my day

Wow, what a joy to wake up this morning and see comments from yesterday's post. It is so like sending messages in bottles, and seeing replies wash up on shore! And it helps me get to know you better. Our colour preferences are so emotional, so tied up with our identity.

Yesterday I wrote that I used to hate grey because I pictured it with black and purple, and couldn't get that image out of my head. Wish I had a photo: a flash of a memory, perhaps a mannequin on a high street in London in the late 90s: cheap grey pin striped suit, on WOMEN... waist coats worn over shiny synthetic black shirts with big lapels, touches of lavender... sorry, I will never like that look.

UNTIL.. the Photodiarist pointed out: "But wait a minute . . . what if the purple is vibrant and bright? Why not with grey?" and I realised: there is ALWAYS a look that will work, if you just look at it from a different angle.

Mr. Dot & I were crossing the Wobbly Bridge, as everyone calls it, leaving the Tate, and we both saw Elizabeth (or, Effy) moving at a fast clip. When I caught up with her & asked to shoot her for my blog, she hesitated as she thought she looked bad that day. (I'm always amazed when people say that: I wonder, if this is their style on a bad day, what else they've got up their fashionable sleeve!)

I love her wonderful red suede elf shoes. I say I never like red, but shoes are the one place I make an exception. She had such an unpredictable, subtle, sophisticated colour sense. I asked if she was in fashion and she said no, she's an artist. Of course.

Effy wrote me later to say she was feeling a bit low that day, and when I asked to shoot her, it made her day. Which makes MY day.

What first caught my eye was her big blue Peony, ironically, as I'd just drank my first White Peony tea, but then.. look at this, she's got this steel blue greenish grey trench working with some kind of black net skirt poking out, and PURPLE TASSLE SOCKS!!! The very combination I said would never work.

I so love being proved wrong.


Cafe Fashionista said...

She is daring. I quite love the way she looks and feels so confident in her style of dress - it makes her even more enchanting. The whimsical mix of colors, and eye-catching accessories. What a fabulous subject, darling! :)

Style Odyssey said...

i've been proven wrong, too, then! (re: my comment yesterday on gray and purple together).

she's mixed in other colors here, and it somehow works. plus the gray is sort of an off-gray, as you said, a "blue greenish grey". and i love that she's an artist...but, of course. :)

Enia Is (Almost) Here said...

what i find really interesting is how a small thing can just change things completely for us. surprise gifts are always the best ones...

happy her day was made :)

Aline Dahl said...

so lovely :) her outfit reminds me of tinkerbell and peter pan.


Susan said...

hey Jill, thanks for your sweet-sweet comment on my blog- what an amazing one you have here! :) thanks for the add, too! I follow you and added you to my blogroll, too! :)
have a lovely day, xoxo

sofiasophie said...

niiiiice brooch!

Nini's Style said...

Hi Jill-

You're such a sweet heart. I was at the Bentley Senior home today when I got your lovely message on my blog. It's totally made my day. I don't think I can handle another supprise from you hihihi. Thank you thank you and thank you for the little love note on your site. You're the best and I hope you and Mr.Dot having a fabulous day.

P.S: I love the photos and her purple knee high sock is so cute ;)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

People with style that brave floor me. She looks killer!

MissT said...

Omgosh i absolutley love her booties! She has a keen sense of individuality

The Photodiarist said...

Ah Jill . . . you are a sweetheart! I am glad that you've found another way to look at grey and purple, though. It probably helps that the grey is a bit tinged with green and isn't too charcoal-y. I love her peony the best!

NoƩmie K said...

amazing style !
luv it*°*°*°

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos! I love her corsage!
I have added you to my blog roll if thats ok?


AMIT said...

Very lovely and beautiful photos.

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dot said...

Oh, wow, I'm reading these comments & am so happy for Effy. Thank you all. I'm so glad you all get it about her look.

Coco, you're spot on: I didn't realise it at the time, but it's true: she's got both the Peter Pan factor AND Tinkerbell!

And Miss Photodiarist, yes, I think it's because it's a green grey and not cool charcoal, that the purple works so well.

And Sarah, of course I don't mind in the least! Have just visited yours & added you to my roll ; )

Thank you all. I hope Effy sees this. Have a lovely night, wherever in the world you all are!

Belinda said...

She looks amazing...what a striking combination of items...I love it! And I agree, if this is Effy on a bad day, I can just imagine a good day...she's super pretty and stylish. :-)

Timeless Chic said...

she really love clothes, I can tell.