This isn't what I meant to post today, but I've been thinking about Min. I had spotted her on Portobello Road, looking very serene and sophisticated, with this wacky combo of stripes plaid, motorcycle jacket, and breton striped cardigan sticking way out of her jacket. I asked to take a quick shot, barely caught her name, tossed my card at her, and continued on my way.

A day later, an email arrived that was almost like haiku. It was from Min. She's from Korea, studying here, and was feeling very lonely that day, homesick, missing her family and friends. It really touched me. Especially since, earlier that day, I had been reminded of when we first moved here, years ago, because it was also a grey day. I'd gone alone to Notting HIll because it was meant to be such fun, and instead was wandering, cold and lonely, wondering what the hell I was doing here, newly married to a British man who was busy with his career. And here I was, years later, meeting one friend for coffee and bumping into another on the street, alone yet not alone, if you know what I mean.

And I promised Min that, in time, London will become her home away from home.

I wonder how many people reading this right now are in a new place, and are missing home. Or perhaps where you are now, is becoming home, as well. Where is home to you?


Susan said...

she's awesome!
if you are in the mood, come on over to my blog- I have just started posting in the frames of the Night of Fashion Blogs event- it's fun :))
have a lovely evening, xoxo

Sarah said...

She looks super cute! :)

I live in Australia (Sydney) but most of my family lives in London. I guess I think of Sydney and London as both home to me and I am fortunate enough to return to England at least once a year... but I always miss it here or there. It just depends on how I'm feeling.

Moving can be hard but it's fun at the same time and once you're settled, you can't believe you were ever so distraught about upping sticks and leaving!

The Photodiarist said...

When I moved to New York years ago, I was totally freaked out. It was such an insane city (still is sometimes). Then, for the first couple of years, it was like being on vacation all of the time. Now, it's very much home and I feel a bit out of sorts in other towns . . .

selina said...

I just moved back from Perth to my real home (Singapore) and I'm still thinking of the once lonely place to me but gradually became my second home. i feel so torn apart. "...where you are now, is becoming home, as well." - totally spot on.

love reading your blog, there's something cosy about this street style blog. keep writing! xo

*PS: unfortunately my site is down at the moment.

Anonymous said...

looks very sofisticated, chic and absolutely lovely! and I do love this kind of posting. :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

To me the UK is home - but all my family is in Germany or the US. My daughter feels English... I sometimes wonder where I will end up.

dot said...

That is fascinating (to me @ least!) to realise that everyone, or certainly everyone who posted, doesn't live where they're originally from. When we first moved here, I thought I was the only American in England, and now (partly from campaigning from Obama, but now always) I have so many American friends, or friends from all over the world who happen to live here. It's like with NY: none of my friends there were born New Yorkers.

Photodiarist: I'm still in that vacation head about London. I keep saying I'm still in my honeymoon phase. In fact your blog in particular is making me appreciate NY in a way I never did when I lived there. You do truly love that city!

Great to hear from you all. I just hope Min is reading this ; )

Min K said...

thanks,, jill and all.
and so sorry too late.
I read already, but I have went through the hard time so far..what a pitty, :p
However, I've kept your words in mt mind deeply.

you move me and give me such a warm heart.

thanks! xx