re source full: alexandra

You might recall this recent post of Alexandra, who goes to school (college) near where we live. I'm posting this again because I'm so impressed with her sense of style, and her sources aren't simply designer or high street. In her own words:

"My coat is from Juicy Couture (sadly many buttons have fallen off though), I picked up the scarf a few years ago on holiday in Kenya, and the trousers are actually part of a playsuit I found at the vintage store beyond retro... I live in Notting Hill and many of my clothes are collected from my home ground of Portabello Market."

And her shoes, as before, are French sole. Stay tuned: I'm hoping to shoot her again from time to time, and l looking forward to seeing what other looks she can cook up.


Cristi Silva said...

I love it when people wear all black and 1 or 2 pieces of color :) that is awesome!

The Photodiarist said...

Lovely photos. Kind of sweet that she still wears that coat with the buttons missing. . .

Sunna said...

Allie! She was in the same Fashion Styling course as me at Central Saint Martins this summer.
I remember her wearing neon yellow nailpolish!
Oh and a men's shirt as a dress.
And she had this really amazing scrapbook!