this is not just another love song

Like saving my chocolate Easter Bunny til Thanksgiving (and then, finally relinquishing it only after my mom cajoled me to 'make room in the fridge for the chocolate Turkey'), I've been hoarding this shot from Somerset House since September, for the right day. It was probably before the Ashish show @ fashion week, and I didn't even ask this sweet model for her name. And today is a gift from the gods here in London, unseasonably warm and semi-sunny. As perfect an English day in late October can reasonably hope to get. There must be some compensation somewhere in the world: I bet you somewhere in the Carribean, it's raining.

I've been thinking a lot lately about 'blog power', especially in the fashion world. For example: you know I've been banging on since I started my blog, about this 'underwear as outerwear' phenomenon. Well, sure enough: this Saturday's Telegraph magazine did a whole thing about it. In fact, they used these very words:

'If you thought showing your bra straps was unslightly, prepare to be horrified by next summer's key trend: UNDERWEAR AS OUTERWEAR.'

Now, granted, I didn't copyright the phrase, and there's no way of knowing if the author, Jeremy Farr, read my blog, or if we're just on the same page. But, still.

So I'm wondering: who else out there has noticed that what they're posting is ending up in the press?

I'd love to do an experiment. What if we - as a group - made up a trend. Just a phrase or stupid word, like elephants. 'Elephant grey'. I mean, as Pearl of fashion pearls of wisdom pointed out, someone out there coined 'coatigan' and some other genius came up with 'jeggings'.

We could just make something up. And then we start using it, and, like the Emporer's New Clothes, time how long it takes for a fashion editor to print it. Bit like tracking birds in the wild.

Any suggestions? Winner gets a free Obama Underground tee shirt (click here for image, and story).


Susan said...

I love these photos! thanks for your sweet comments & for the tag, I am flattered :))
have a lovely day, darling!

Pearl Westwood said...

Hi Jill, thanks for your great comments, and thanks again for the award! Yep I wrote the 'why clothes are like boyfriends' post after a pair of 'one that got away' Chanel boots, I was totally whinging about missing out on them, and my friend compared it to a boy she had met on the train LOL! x

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh forgot to add, I am still working on the most ridiculous fashion word we can make, and you are right we should set out on a bloggers mission to get someone in the press to print it!!

jill said...

Well, it's brilliant and if anyone is read this, run, don't walk, to Pearl's blog & read immediately!

Susan, thank YOU - I love your blog & am so grateful for YOUR sweet comments! x

dot (jill) said...

(that's great, Pearl, we literally crossed comment paths!)

Yes, the whole point is to get them to print it by mistake: as a new trend fact! ; )

The Photodiarist said...

You are just so sweet with your Hat's Off comment! Thanks Jill. I promise I won't be offended if/when you take it down . . . there are so many awesome bloggers out there who deserve that attention and award. I am super grateful and honored that you've kept me up there so long.

As for underwear as outerwear, I am still undecided about that one. I like the slip dress and some can pull off massive exposures of the bra (not me) but I cannot say that I love the trend in general.

dot (jill) said...

PD: I agree (that there are so many awesome & deserving bloggers out there). In fact the major 'hat's off' I must do is for the mysterious '-h' with a hyphen, who keeps finding the best for us. In fact I'm pretty darn sure that's how I found your blog!

As for the underwear as outerwear, I'm not saying I'm a fan of the look. I did unearth a never worn tan lace trimmed half slip which I wear as a skirt from time to time, but going out in an exposed bra? Not me either. That's the first thing that comes off the minute I walk in the door.

Mr. Dot is asking plaintively for his risotto... I do seem to be doing a mighty number of reply comments on this post!

Oh and I LOVE your post with the boy & the girl & the crystal ball & the light.

Anonymous said...

I'm italian, but I really love english style: so glamour and original...italian style, today, is... boring. Love your blog xxx
Francesca, Florence (Italy)

Ashley said...

I love the first photo..so cute with the curlers!


Anonymous said...

i've heard that expression countless of times. i honestly doubt you had the slightest influence on it.

la flore et la faune said...

Well, she's so nature wth her "bigoudis" that I'd like to see more girls with them on the street.

dot said...

Thank you, Francesca! It's funny altho I LOVE Italy and many of my friends are Italian (& stylish), I know what you mean that at the moment, Italy, like other places, doesn't seem to have its own identity. I don't know why. Well maybe you can change that!

I LOVE Florence, perhaps my favourite city. Lucky you to live there! Look forward to hearing from you again & if you'd like, please email me street style shots of Florence. Other people might disagree that the style is boring. ; )

Ashley: thank you! Just visited your blog - gorgeous shots. Will add your blog to my roll.

And last but not least: Anonymous. Surely you must be the same Anonymous I see on other blogs, telling Karla her legs are fat, and that Jane of Sea of Shoes is spoiled... we appreciate your perspective, sad as it is. By staying Anonymous, we can't find you, or judge you, or insult you. Isn't it funny: bulllies are always cowards.

I didn't say I coined the phrase! I was just pointing out the power that the blogging community has AS A GROUP. Oh, never mind: if you haven't got it by now, I don't have the time to explain it. I take it you're not going for the tee shirt.

I'm still not giving up, girls (& boys, if any are reading this). A word. A phrase. It needn't make any sense. It would just be fun to see it spread. Fun being the operative word, Anonymous. If only you had some of it in your life, poor old thing.

Unknown said...

Jill! Fabulous shot! Have to say - Boston, and the Carribean is paying for the weather in London - it most certainly is raining down there. And over here in Boston - its grey and cold! Simply wishes Annonymous would get a life. And finally - m phrase would be shock therapy blue - in terms of all the wonderful shades of blue we've been seeing this fall!



daisychain said...

thank you so much for the wonderful comment