ashish look of the day: pajamawear as outerwear

Lounging around in bed on a sunny Sunday morning, relishing the down time before Mr. Dot drags my sorry ass across town to Spitalfield's (& hopefully, lunch @ the Luxe). Just still trying to go thru & organise & compress all these photos.. like eating too much candy, I'm feeling saturated from fashion week shots & need to shoot some civilians!!

But couldn't resist another Ashish shot. Today it has to be striped PJs, because that's what I feel like wearing out. Actually, I feel like staying in bed all day in our new crisp white sheets & duvet cover with big white embroidery Indian style flowers, drinking coffee & compressing jpgs. If you're in the UK, the Times is doing their special big Style section today, it's really quite good actually, altho, frankly, nothing we haven't already seen in our collective blogs. I counted four, no five, no, SIX mentions of MY phrase 'underwear as outerwear' and told Mr. Dot, who said, 'Well, you should have patented it.' But I didn't, so let's see how far today's phrase travels. You saw it here first, girls!

I wonder how this look would go down in Tesco.


San said...

Fantastic Shot. That's fashion bringing you what you couldn't imagine and that you need now. Glitter pjs. Yeah.

And yep, sunday in bed sounds perfect. But I'll use the fantastic sunshine to go shooting.

Enjoy your sunday.

Leah said...

I first saw it here Jill. Hahaha! I would go outside in my PJs if mine is as fabulous as the one in the pic.

Have a great Sunday! xoxo

the style crusader said...

i love this! totally reminded me of pjs too... i think both pieces would look pretty incredible on their own. those sequin trousers with an amazing grey t-shirt.... ah, that would perfection. xx

StyleSpy said...

Great minds... I bought a burgundy silk charmeuse pj top not long ago. Haven't gotten around to wearing it yet, but you've inspired me & I'm determined to rock it sometime soon.