variations of an enigma

So glad she's not my imagination: after I did my Mystery Muse post last night, I had this weird feeling I'd wake up & see a white box. (That's the only catch with the blog format: if you're waking up & reading this, it will make no sense unless you read the previous post first).

Anyway, I'm so into the Bora colours: (me & everyone else) - the nude/dusty pink/pale blue/tan/beige/bit o' black knitted soft slightly ripped bit of an edge thing. That's how I'm dressing today: the more moth holes, the better, I say!

On left: My Muse. On right: catwalk, Bora Aksu, London Fashion Week, February A/W 2010.

Gotta run: more Press Day stuff! Then another Cupcake Convention. Have a lovely Friday everyone! xox


San said...

Oh, Muses hair is just lovely in this picture. But I can't help it, I think the sweater is a bit imaginationless, at least for her.

Enjoy the cupcakes and have a fun weekend


Cristi Silva said...

What a fun day!!! I would eat at least 10 cupcakes :)

I love that color, I am so pale but it is rosy enough to not wash me out .....ya know!


Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same jumper dress as 'the muse'! This oddly makes me pleased.

I think I'm a little bit in love with Bora Aksu too.


Izzy said...

this is gorgeous!!!!!!!!

daniela kate morosini said...

she sort of reminds me of an erin fetherston design come to life :)

the style crusader said...

love the connection you made between those two. you totally are dressing in line with that look! hey, and your moth holes went down a treat. next thing you know EVERYONE is going to want them. xx

Pearl Westwood said...

That is the only thing with the popularity of street style, you can see the same girl on everyones blog - thats why I like yours so much, you just have a different eye xx

P.S I posted an award for you on my blog.