geek chic: what's your fashion sex?

I love turquoise, always have. The shock of bright turquoise against something more neutral, or the paler pastel shades.. it's so tropical.

This is the 'chic geek', Marcus. He is delightful, as is his online magazine.

I personally like to dabble in a bit of geek chic from time to time: like a lot of females, while I"m not remotely a tomboy (can't throw a ball to save my life), my style has always been kind of clean, classic, often tailored, quirky. Sunday's (UK) Times Style section had a brilliant piece by Shane Watson (the editor: she's amazing), called 'What's Your Fashion Sex?' which is further to Leah's post ('are you a girly girl?'), which inspired mine ('pink is for girls'). It got me thinking: my style icons - Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy - that unfrilly, gamine, clean look - that's kind of male. Yet they're both so female. Agyness Deyn.. same thing. Anyway, it's a good read. What's your Fashion Sex?


the style crusader said...

oh i love this. totally reminds me of a photo i took on the tube a couple weeks ago... am going to post it now. i don't really think that i am overtly one or the other. maybe that is my style problem... and why i can never quite decide what i want to be wearing. can i be a bit of both? xx

San said...

I like his socks in combination with his uptight suit, it shows that he's got a strong sense of humor.

Mmmh, interesting question and I don't know how to feel about this Times piece. The reason?! Since a year I'm slowly making that change that Shane Watson says is impossible to make. I have a whole blog dedicated to it. *snicker* And I found that, in my limited experience, it takes actually training and getting comfortable with this different kind of style. I've trained myself to get comfortable wearing blouses last year. Heels too and still learning. Next up are skirts and tights (I literally hate wearing tights!)

In any case, I've made the experience that I still resort to jeans, sneakers and a hoodie when I want to feel well and like me. When I wear a purse I still feel like I play dress up, which I don't when I wear heels (well maybe a little, when they're high ;-). But I too find myself looking at skirts in stores, which is a huge step forward for me.

The (im)possible change can be witnessed here: http://tomboy-to-woman.blogspot.com/

Good Girls Studio said...

His socks rock! I think my fashion sex would definitely be girly girl! Frilly, embellished, pink, never without makeup & always with sky high heels!

Leah said...

I love geek chic... but my version is just about the glasses. Hahaha! That's it. I'm too boring. But this guy is far from boring... I love his socks.

Have a great day Jill! xoxo

Style Odyssey said...

His socks are such fun with that suit!
I'm a bit girly, a bit androgynous. I like contrasts and surprise, and a bit of subversiveness in the mix.

Susan said...

wow, I love those socks :)))