everyone's a winner: daffodils, celadon, a shoe named estelle, and cupcakes

You might recall I recently held a contest to guess who was wearing whose shoes @ LFW ('whose shoes', 3 March). I gave a cryptic little hint: DAFFODILS. Which the cute & clever Sarra, the Swiss Miss of 'Today I Like..' figured out! I really admire how her mind works. In her own words:

"First i thought, i have to look for narciso rodriguez shoes, because "daffodil" means narzisse in german or narciso in italian. but i realized quickly that he ain't british! :-) so then i kept looking for a shoe called daffodil and found one from rupert sanderson. then i checked his spring 2010 collection et voila, there she was! estelle! ;-) I was looking, if i would find some front row pictures with someone wearing these shoes... but i couldn't find out who wore them. would you tell me!? or would you give another hint? maybe i could find out! I loved looking for the shoe! (am i crazy!?) :-) "

No, you are not crazy, Sarra. Far from it. But then Mr. Dot got involved, suggesting that altho she's clearly the winner of the contest, I should still give her a multiple choice for the 2nd part. If anyone reading this wants to help Sarra win Part Two, please feel free to contribute.

The wearer of Sanderson's beautiful Estelle sandals, in my favourite colour, a kind of pale turquoise, or celadon, is:
a) a well known WAG (Wife and/or Girlfriend of a rich football player)
b) the wife of a deposed dictator with a penchant for expensive shoes
c) the editor of vogue.com
d) a beautiful young British actress recently up for an Oscar

Fingers on buzzers please.

As, through freak coincidence, Sarra & her Man were visiting London from Switzerland last weekend (lovely post about it here), we were trying to plan to meet so I could give her a free Primrose Hill cupcake as a prize, but we all got busy & then we were away on the weekend itself, so Sarra has come up with a clever alternative prize. Meanwhile speaking of cupcakes, Jen of Style Crusader has organised a Cupcake Party, this Friday, @ noon @ Ella's in Covent Garden. All are invited to attend. Details here.


the style crusader said...

oh my. that is seriously impressive that she worked out who the shoes were made by! i had no idea. sadly also have no idea who they were worn by... i feel like it's not the wife of the dictator (if it were surely her description would have been worded differently? haha). but actually have no idea. hurray for the cupcake party! can't wait. xx

Style Odyssey said...

I also have no idea but am quite curious....
Have fun at the cupcake meet-up! You know I'd be there if I wasn't across the pond. xo

Me said...

ok... let me think: Carey Mulligan was wearing the black leather estelle shoes at the indipendent spirit awards in L.A. and as far as i know, she did not attend the LFW.
i acctually don't think imelda marcos would wear zipper jeans. :-)
then i did not read of cheryl cole or vic beckham wearing estelle sandals, don't even know, if they were at the lfw!?
soooo, my guess would be: Dolly Jones!

jill said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! You're like a style genius, Sarra!!!

Wow, this is an exciting moment. I was doing something else when your comment ping'd into my inbox. Picture someone holding a boxer's gloved hand up in a ring, that's what this virtually feels like.

Very impressed. Okay, your prize: will get you a good list of places to go people to see in NYC for September. I just stumbled on the Carey Mulligan post on Red Carpet Fashion AWard's blog: that was the (black) red herring ; D

WELL DONE YOU, as my mother in law would say. xo

and Stephanie aka Miss Odyssey: I so wish you could be there, you will be in spirit.

Me said...

naa, i'm more of a research genius! ;-)
can't wait for my prize!

i'm kinda sad, this little quiz is over already!

Susan said...

congrats Sarra :))
those shoes are fabulous by the way!

Cecylia said...

Cute minty shoes!

U-NI-TY said...

Great pictures!

jill said...

I'm kinda sad, too, Sarra, it was fun while it lasted. Thank you Susan, Cecylia, Unity.. will post the result soon as my head lets me.

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

Ok, I got here late, but I just had to say: the Estelle in celadon? simply stunning.