portrait of an artist in off white trench

Between shows on Day One, I took this candid shot, then asked if she modeled or worked in fashion. Neither: she's an artist. I'm not surprised: her sense of colour is so sophisticated and subtle. There was a swirl of activity around us in the crowded space, and yet she was so calm and still, seemingly bathed in light. She was so nice, and I hope she finds this post.

You know it's just occurred to me: altho it rained most of the week, or threatened to, I hardly saw any raincoats. It was mostly fur. Especially considering that Burberry was the show everyone would kill to get into (and, in some cases, possibly did).

I'm just saying, that's all. Something to ponder.


Cecylia said...

Beautiful! I love her tights

the style crusader said...

haha, that's true about burberry. maybe they dropped people a line to let them know their fall 2010 wouldn't be so much about trenches but about fur/shearling. after all, no one likes to come out of a show feeling 'so last season'. xx

Anonymous said...

She looks very elegant. Was she French?


The Photodiarist said...

Her dress looks as though it would be lovely --

jill said...

I agree. Didn't even notice it at the time, not I'm kicking myself for not asking her to take off that lovely trench. & I can't remember if I took her card.. she wasn't French, notjustmedical: English, I think.

And style crusader, I wonder if that's the case, or just coincidence: did you notice we saw more fur/shearling than any kind of rain gear? I wonder if everyone had a premonition about Burberry, if Burberry has that much of a sense of trend forecasting, or if they've all been briefed.

And Cecylia, I love her tights, too. It's such an unusual touch, to have red tights with a neutral look like that. And it's just the right red, too.