fashion insider

Further to my earlier study in orange + charcoal: I love love love this look on Natasha, from Fashion Insider. A feather boa skirt, top to toe in shades of nudes & grey, and then the pop of some orange and turquoise in a scarf: perfection!

Similar proportions of orange and turquoise - but with sky instead of flesh colour - in this shot above Somerset House on the same day.

And then, for no reason apart from the fact that it's my blog & I can do what I like: a shot of a girl passing by, blurred and feeling to me like something by Man Ray, Paris, circa 1923.

man's hat + sparkly earrings = perfect male/female ratio (imho)


Style Odyssey said...

I sure like that feathery skirt..and her hair, both which have a similar flowiness.

the style crusader said...

love the girls outfit in the first photo. that skirt and that scarf! ah so lovely. i also shot the lady in the last photo. did you see my post i did on her a couple days ago called the headless photographer?? xx

Unknown said...

I love the skirt from the first picture! Any ideas where she got that from?

Estelle Chemouny said...

Love the Boa skirt , so cool !


adrielleroyale said...

On your "Hats off to Victoria Beckham" - I've always admired her sense of style...Even though she's sometimes annoyingly skinny and put together, I love that she knows and plays up every last one of her feminine features - from her cheek bones to her neck and chest down to her long legs, she plays them up with makeup and style and hair cuts...I swear the woman thinks of everything! I looked at her collections and she stays true to all these things. I hope she does make it big in the fashion world :)

P.S. I agree that charcoal and orange are a really nice combo of colors!
P.P.S. Love this boa skirt and her scarf too!

Cecylia said...

I love the 1st picture- beautiful

nini's Style said...

Great picture! I really love her feather skirt.
How are you Jill? At somehow your link disappeared from my blog. I need to add it back again. Hope you're well!! xoxo Nini

Thavasa said...

Oh I love her look very much, what a prefect outfit!!... and can I please have that feather skirt?!

J. said...

Warhol did an beautiful painting with blue and orange...it's one of my favorites!

Susan said...

love her look :)