sorbet flavour of the day: tangerine

The secret to wearing sorbet colours, I feel, is getting the proportion right, and not being too cute. It works best as an accent, as Richard, shown here at a wonderful exhibit on Indian photography at the Whitechapel Gallery, did to great success. Just a bit of sorbet trim, on a grey cardigan.

I like blocks of colour and especially, clean, casual, simple lines. I love this peachy tangerine top with creamy beige jeans (I do make exceptions: the other day I wore periwinkle trousers with a lime green knit top, but again, both were really clean lines: fitted Audrey Hepburn type stretchy ankle length trousers I had had made years ago, and the top was boat neck with 3/4 sleeves). If you're gonna go all Lolita, girls, I'd make sure some of the colours are neutral.

Think of sorbet colours as literally the icing on the cake: you want to balance it out with something a bit mashed potato, a bit bland. Yuk, that's a terrible analogy, but you get my drift.

Last in the trilogy: one of the two pair of Kate Kanzier shoes I got way back a few weeks ago (you must have seen Jen's posts by now, mine is coming soon, promise!) 30 quid. And it goes with everything!


Matthew Spade said...

those shoes are great, id love a pair of brogues in a non-regular colour. i do have some dusty pink ones but theyre not very me right now

Pearl Westwood said...

I have to admit I hated any shade of orange until I got my furry orange gilet, now I have a grand affection for it!

Susan said...

I love those oxfords!

Anna said...

I was wondering as those Kate Kanzier shoes are made of faux leather if that makes the shoe look cheap (I hope you know what I mean).
I really like them and would like to order them, but I'm not sure as I prefer shoes made of real leather :-)

thanks for your answer!
love you blog!