the trench: classic, with a twist

Day Six of A/W 2010 London Fashion Week. They give the guys one day, to the women's five. If only architects would realise that we need the same proportion when it comes to toilet cubicles, we'd be all set.

This to me is the best look in a trench I've seen to date. And there is nothing the least bit feminine in the way he's rocking that necklace.


Unknown said...

Oh My Goodness! I love how he is wearing the trench! He kind of looks like a cross between James Bond and Inspector Gadget! LOL! I would without a doubt wear EVERYTHING he is wearing in this shot. I might not style myself the same, but THAT is what IS cool about fashion! Everyone's unique interpretation of clothing and how to wear it. I think I said that right? He goes way back with that haircut though, but I like it because it's different and he is so confident with it. I love this post! I agree with you when you say there's nothing feminine about how he wears his necklace. There really isn't. I am so sorry I haven't dropped a comment lately, but keeping up with your blog is so difficult with ALL of your posts. So..I simply view and view and view daily! I haven't talked to you in a LONG time! I have some cool new street style pics on my blog..if you want to check them out!
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Dream Sequins said...

Hi Jill

I do love the peek of a necklace behind his trenchcoat. Really a thoughtful touch. You know what I love best about this photo, actually? The hint of your reflection in both his lenses ;) We need to see more of your lovely visage on the blog!

xx D

the nyanzi report said...

In your face.
Well captured.

The Photodiarist said...

To me, this is one of your best photos E.V.E.R.

jill said...

Oh, thank you. Coming from you, Photodiarist - the best living photographer in my humble opinion - that means a lot. But it's funny: each of you, even tho I've only technically met Nyanzi.. I feel I know each of you, and I'm grateful for your praise and support. (aw, sorry: mushy of me!)

Michael (Trendy Dwarf): please don't feel you need to apologise, I think we (bloggers) are all in the same boat: between our real lives, and posting, and visiting blogs.. we just can't keep up with each post everyone does! I'm going to yours soon as I post this comment but I know you must be visiting, because when it's men's style, I do hear from you! And you can't tell from my titles ; D

Dee: thank you, but then it's not really street style, is it? But I promise to try to slip in more self-style in the days ahead.