not exactly bed head: aminaka wilmont, front view

As promised last night: more shots (front view this time) from the Aminaka Wilmont show @ LFW, Day One. Shot from the front row (I got lucky ; )

I just love this duo's work: as I did a college semester in Denmark, I'm aware that Swedes & Danes are often a bit competitive (can't tell you how many Swedish jokes I heard in Copenhagen) and yet Maki Aminaka Löfvander is Japanese and Swedish, and Marcus Wilmont is Danish, and they must get on.. or perhaps the competition drives them to higher levels of excellence.

Also love the way they styled the models: all bare legs, the same kind of floppy bovine-esque black booties, and their hair and make-up.. slightly retro Jean Shrimpton Chelsea Girl in the Sixties, but with a twist: it's not exactly bed head, it's more like riding in an E-type Jag XK with the top down.


...can't wait to see what Karl Lagerfield will come up with for A/W 2010? I'm looking again at his S/S 2010 collection and thinking, man oh man.

Also, am I the only one who isn't 100% in love with Christopher Kane's latest? Is he just so advanced that it will take a while for me to soon be as smitten as I was with his past shows? I mean, I never thought I'd love a tee shirt dress with a close-up of a crocodile, or a gorilla.. it just seems like a lot of variations of the same (black leather & embroidered flower) theme. Maybe it will grow on me, or maybe my expectations are too high. That's the danger of putting people on pedestals.

Just thinking out loud.


Iris / London Fashion Diary said...

I can't wait for Chanel A/W collection either :)
By the way,thanks for putting my blog link, that's really sweet of you! But I'm afraid I don't look like Florence that much, she's way prettier..
I had a nice time in Lyon (not Paris unfortunately I'm not a parisian hehe).

I hope to see you soon too! Just let me know when you can, I have much more free time as it's almost the end of the term :)


Cecylia said...

Love the dresses, hate the shoes

Lynn said...

oh wow! those SHOES!! :)