model behaviour

It never ceases to amaze me... it can be just minutes after seeing these glamorous, intimidating creatures on the catwalk, and then you meet them after, and they really are just girls, dressing up & having fun and getting paid for it.

And they're often the least 'stylish' people at fashion week. Which just goes to show you.

Off to meet my lovely friend & fellow blogger, Jen, the Style Crusader, for Primrose bakery Cupcakes! If we see you there, we'll shoot you. ; )


Leah said...

I love seeing models in their street clothes. I wish I'm in London too. Have fun with Jen and careful with the cupcakes. xoxo

Romany said...

Absolute cuties! Still hip, even when dressed down. ;)

Stephanie said...

I spent the last night - when I was actually looking for a photo of Frida Gustavsson in her trench and was redirected here - looking through your blog.

Instead of learning for my uni exam I spent reading your blog until 4:30 am, yes. I read it for 6 and a half hours straight and did not get tired of it once. I love it to bits, in fact right now I am reading archives from September.

Please keep up this work. It's just lovely.

Wish you a nice weekend, and I'll follow you :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You really make this blog reading business fun. Real voice capturing life with a very good eye.

Enjoy that cupcake, cupcake! xo. -Bella Q

daisychain said...

Great photos (as always)

enjoy your cupcakes! xx

Anonymous said...

Aww they're adorable doing those matching poses! It doesn't matter if they're not fitting the trends, they look great anyway.


Unknown said...

actually I think that models are among the most stylish people during fashion week. The fact that they dress in such simple clothes makes their style more wearable and combined with the quirkiness it often carries one of the most copied kinds of style..