icon vs enigma

Every once in a while, I find someone who weaves fashion references into their own unique fabric. Preferably, with a pinch of irony. And often, they go completely under the radar.

You might remember my mystery muse a few posts back. Tonight, having seen the model DJ in the ubiquitous Burberry check scarf (a pattern, btw, that you hardly see on the new gorgeous Burberry lines), I went back thru the images in my mind - then on my laptop - and found what I had seen, if for no other reason than to know it wasn't a figment of my imagination.

This wasn't one of the people that 'everyone' photographed. No one has yet told me they know her, or know of her. She seems so serious (I've yet to see her smile), I usually see her alone, and she seems to have very much her own style. Apart from that, she's a total enigma to me.

I have finally finished compressing LFW images, btw. Whew. Now can finally start properly showing you what I've been seeing & doing since. There really is life after fashion week, you know.


UnoCosa said...

"under the radar" is the perfect description - often we wonder why we see the generic people w/ generic styles doing generic things everywhere - and the unique beings are so hard to come by - haha! now i have to steal this phrase from you for my answer, the unique people are simply "under the radar" lol!!! joking aside, she is wonderful - slightly refrained, simple and complex ... it makes one wondering what she was thinking?

waiting for your LFW pics,. xx

Anonymous said...

How has she not been noticed? She has a unique sense of style, that's for sure. You have me intrigued, can't wait for you to find out!


San said...

You know what first hit my eye right after the scarf? Her eyebrows.

"Under the radar" mmh, I can't agree with you on that one. I actually realised quite the opposite with me on Monday. Following all this fashion blogs has made me acutely aware of people who think about and have their own style. I don't know how or why, but I seem to recognize them instantly. While before I was completely oblivious.

In fact I have become a kind of snob, when it comes to style. For example: dirty shoes ruin every outfit for me. This is something I wouldn't have cared about a few months ago. Weird.

Enjoy your weekend.

Matthew Spade said...

she is smiling really

jill said...

Mat, you're right: it's like a Mona Lisa smile ; )

I'm glad you're noticing her: I was really starting to think she was a ghost, a figment of my imagination. I posted this late last night and thought I'd wake up and see a white box. I'm so glad you get it about her, too.

The Photodiarist said...

Beautiful photo, Jill.

Unknown said...

Hey, this girl is called Milly McMahon.
Facebook .. http://www.facebook.com/millymcmahon

stalk away.

millymcmahon.blogspot.com said...
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