that's easy for you to say: aminaka wilmont

How could I have forgotten about Aminaka Wilmont? It was my very first show on Day One of London Fashion Week, and I loved it. Well, we're going to have to rectify that situation. But not now. It's late.

Okay, then. Just one shot.

Maki Aminaka Löfvander is Japanese and Swedish, and Marcus Wilmont is from Denmark. They could have called themselves Maki Marcus, but no, that would be too easy. But it's a name worth remembering, trust me.


Style Odyssey said...

J, you are introducing us to some very talented designers! Well, I can only speak for myself, but I have a nice little list of ones I'm going to look into more.
I'm drawn to the Japanese aesthetic, especially when there's another cultural element involved, such as the case with this line.
And look at those shoe-boot things!!!

StyleSpy said...

Like the look of those prints (I'm dying for prints these days) and I want me some of those hooves!!!