I was in the Ladies' Room @ LFW, playing around with a self portrait (as one does: some people apply lipstick, I play around with camera angles) when suddenly, behind me in the entrance area, there was a commotion. I turned around and, startled, took this shot. It looked like two men were vigorously shaking two skinny guys heads as if their lives depended on it. There was a franticness, an urgency, that made me think perhaps they were torturing them for information. There was some shouting, too.

But no: it was two very slim female models, and for some reason, they were shampooing their hair. In a hurry. It sure wasn't the luxurious head massage I get when I go to Windle, or even when I shampoo my own hair. This was brutal. Whoever thought modelling was just a stroll down the catwalk, think again.

I just took a second shot, two clicks within seconds, and was so out of there.

Speaking of Shampoo: has anyone seen the film from the 70s, with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie? Some of it is quite dated but some aspects really hold up: their chemistry, for one thing. And her hair! It is the perfect, long bob.


the style crusader said...

this is so funny! oh the craziness of fashion week! having your hair frantically washed in a public bathroom... their hair must have been looking pretty rough if this was needed! xx

Leah said...

Hahaha! Now, where is your self-portrait?

daisychain said...

Haha what a funny post girly <3

San said...

LOL, good thing I never wanted to be a model.

Oh gawd, just thinking of the trouble hair washing at the international space station must be makes me cringe. Wohoo, just found one reason why it's good that I didn't get my childhoods dream occupation, it was astronaut.

Susan said...

LOL :)

U-NI-TY said...

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