tribute, after jasper

You've probably seen photos of the wall that the BFC set up for Alexander McQueen. It was so moving, the way our messages covered each other, like cherry blossom petals, or snow, building up on the earth. This is Uthrasie, a model from the Jasper Conran show. Something about the light... it felt like a Norman Parkinson moment. She moved with the grace of a Russian ballerina.

You can see I'm on a kind of caramel roll here: in fact the past few days, I seem to be posting a lot of neutral tones. (That's bound to change: I go thru phrases).

And come to think of it: Jasper is also wearing a necklace with a trench: trend? Coincidence? You tell me. I saw him speak at the Hay Literary Festival, years ago, with his friend Ilse Crawford, I believe, and found him absolutely charming. I wish I'd seen his show, but was at the Welsh Designers Collective at the time. It looks lovely, don't you think? Ladylike, beautiful colours.. he keeps a relatively low profile, but is a quiet, shining star.

I think actually Uthrasie might be Russian, and I'm guessing her friend Melina is, too. I thought they said theyy were both in Jasper's show, but I don't recognise them in the photos, do you? But then again: everyone seems so much more grown up on the catwalk. All I know is, they're absolutely delightful girls.


the style crusader said...

these photos are great! i really love the first one! xx

Editor said...

I love the outfits the two models are wearing- escpecially those pants with the rivets down the leg!

Style Odyssey said...

I want a leopard print furry jacket like hers! And a camel colored trench, too.
Regarding your caramel fixation- I go through phases myself. I feel a transition coming on...we'll see where it goes. It's like fashion schizophrenia!

Tomjay said...
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I V Y said...


San said...

Oh, I just love the first picture. How you captured her right in the move. Yes she looks like a dancer. Fantastic shot.

Thanks for following me and adding me to your blog roll. Love your Blog.

Susan said...

great photos. I love the hair.
have a fab weekend, xoxo