look smart

No story for this shot. I was running to a show (or the loo, I forget: running to something), saw this girl, asked her name, tossed her a card, took the shot, didn't write down her name, haven't heard from her yet. My quick impression was that she looked really nice & like most of my friends, i.e. smart, good sense of humour, a nice person.

I'm really into black and crisp white shirts @ the moment. And that bow is a sharp touch. When people ask your style & you say 'smart casual' this is what I have in mind. Actually, smart casual, with a bow tie twist.


Cecylia said...

cute! I love her pea coat and the suede booties

Leah said...

Yes that is smart casual for me too. And I love the bowtie. xoxo

Style Odyssey said...

oh, i like this very much! black and white usually gets my attention. there's something slightly marc jacobs about this..with a bit of chanel...and something else i can't put my finger on.
and with that, i'm out the door...jackhammers are about to start drilling right outside the patio door...taking the dog for a long hike! catch up w/ you later, J!

U-NI-TY said...

really nice style!

StyleSpy said...

I'm totally stealing this look for today. I'll try to get a photo for you.