grey, revisited

Every time I decide I'm tired of a trend, I see someone wearing it in a new way, (or new to me) & I like it again. Just as I proclaimed that grey was over (esp. with black), I'm thinking again. Especially when perked up with bright colours, like here with this wacky homemade kind of scarf (I didn't ask by who, but wish I did.)

I also think that her black leather biker jacket might actually be fabric: perhaps even synthetic of some sort. Especially knowing how they make Shearling, which I agree, is gonna be huge, I'm really kind of hoping that we will embrace fabrics a bit more. Frankly, all I want right know is soft comfy knits.

And last but never least: I love this woman's look. All around her people were asking other people to pose for photos, and she was all but invisible to the photographers. I just think she's got the most gorgeous style. In a sea of fur and rainbow coloured hair, she's a star. In my humble opinion.


SaraKateSwan said...

Wow the parka is really cool!! Love the other girls hat too x love this blog


Leah said...

I love how that lady styled her gray sweater... the colorful scarf made the difference.

Cecylia said...

The scarf in the 1st 2 pictures is awesome!!

The Photodiarist said...

Totally agree with you about the last photo . . . She does have great simple style.

StyleSpy said...

That green parka is fantastic. WANT!