still so into pink

What is it about pink at the moment? Once again: like leopard print, it's captured my imagination, and clearly, others' as well.

It seems that in every culture, girls go thru a phrase where they must dress top to toe pink, no matter what their mum's say (my fashion forward niece, Scarlett, stopped suddenly, aged 6, & started wearing beige. She said pink was for babies. Then she saw my pink gloves & realised I had a pair to loan her & we wore them together, running thru the streets of London, hand in hand, singing, and she decided it was okay as an 'accent colour').

I'm also loving pale pinks & nudes, of course, but I especially like hot pink with warm brown beige tan tones, like here. There's a story with this girl, but I'll have to tell you later (& post the other pics): off to yoga, sweet peas!

Pink: the colour of tropical drinks (shown here: Awana, where I went to a great after-show party).


Nabila said...

i love pastels and nudes, always classic.

Nabila xo

Bruna said...

Yeah, the hot pinks and tan tones are amazing!

daisychain said...

I have a coat that colour, but no where near as chic!

Shayda said...

those pants are great, and the jacket goes really well with them