let a smile be your umbrella

It's feeling great to finally do some spring cleaning today! Mr. Dot is off fishing with his friends, and I'm tearing the place apart.
Also de-cluttering my blog roll: is it just me, or do these things get out of hand if you don't go thru them regularly? So many people who started a blog, asked to swap links.. then just dropped the ball.

If you've asked me to see your blog in recent weeks, btw, and I haven't, or haven't swapped links with you.. please do ask again!

This shot from an umbrella series I did on Tuesday of LFW: it suddenly was a downpour & I was huddled with my blog friends outside under a big umbrella, drinking coffee from the Lavazza truck people. Okay, enough break time, it's back to work for this polka dot!


Leah said...

I always wanted a clear umbrella like that one in the pic. Have fun spring cleaning! xoxo

Iris / London Fashion Diary said...

Fishing.. That reminds me of Pride & Prejudice -which I am just watching now, the BBC version with Colin Firth yum :D
Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for putting my blog link under UK Style, the Frenchie that I am could not be prouder!

Style Odyssey said...

Well now, this is timely to stumble across. It's raining cats and dogs here! I actually encountered fog (or rather, low clouds) driving in the hills this morning.
And...I'm "spring" cleaning, too- getting ready for the Big Move.
Have a happy and productive weekend, J! xoxo

Shayda said...

o man it alwayssss rains in Seattle, but i never keep it together that well and my umbrella is not nearly as cute. i just break down and curse the heavens while my lambskin boots slowly disintegrate.

Unknown said...

Hi Jill!

Have enjoyed checking your blog over recent months- it's great! Especially fun scanning the street style over fashion week.

My blog started as a way of showing off the wonderful and varied style found on the streets of Brighton, but as a mum of three young chaps, I've found it hard to stop and snap without losing one of them! So for now it's a blog about anything that interests or inspires me, and if I can plug a local boutique, designer or artist along the way than I surely do!

So, if you'd be so kind... http://brightonstylememos.blogspot.com/ would appreciate sitting amidst your blog roll!

Alexis x

jill said...

Hi Alexis, just left you a message - and linked you. And if anyone's reading this, please check out Alexis's blog, it's lovely. Let's welcome her into our lovely lovely world!

Shayda, now I'm laughing at the image of your lambskin boots slowly disintegrating like teardrops in a Seattle puddle... sorry. Can't help it. And it's raining in the BVI, too! What is up with the world! Stephanie, I'm happy for you that you're happy about the Big MOve, but I don't seem to handle change as well as you & your husband do (my husband's fine about it, I'm just... let's put it this way: i have a tough time leaving a hotel room after a few days. I start redecorating, strewing scarfs around and making it my own, then get too attached & don't want to leave).

Iris, I knew you'd get a kick out of being under the UK Style: ooh la la! Most of the International STyle section is French, anyway. And last but not least: Leah, hope you've been having a fabulous weekend, too!

I've thrown out about 100 old Vanity Fairs.. they're about to be recycled tomorrow morning. I wish I could have given them away to a worthy new home.. time to let it go.