sorbet treats

Of course, if you're not ready to go top to toe sorbet, as Shini playfully did the other day in the cold and the rain, cupcake colours and sorbet treats are lovely in small doses: rings & things.

I shot these all last week during one of the Press Day events: you will never guess which one. I mean, you'll NEVER guess!

(update: Top marks to that clever Style Crusader, who guessed it: TU, at Sainsbury's. It was an educated guess based on the next blog & that fabulous straw handbag. Check their site for which shops are 'super shops' that carry fashion items.)


Leah said...

Love these detail shots... I wish I can do top to toe sorbet too. But I think I'm okay with my gradual shift to colors these days. I can't wait for the weather in Manila to cool down a bit so I can go back to wearing my fave blacks. Hahaha!

Have a great week ahead Jill! xoxo

jill said...

; )

You just pat yourself on the back, Leah, for going pastel, pale blue, green.. it's baby steps. One day @ a time. Just keep telling yourself, you can always go back to black.

You have a great week ahead, too, babe! xox

Rosalind said...

Oooh, I want one of those cupcakes now! As well as sorbet, I also feel that they could be described as 'cupcake colours'!
I have been really getting into wearing pale pinks and blues, preferably in slightly dusky hues.. They are the kind of colours that work so well in spring, especially when mixed with grey..
I am curios as to which press conference this is. Are you going to spill the beans? ;)


Susan said...

well, jewelry won't make you fat, that's for sure :)))

jill said...

; )

Good to hear from you, Susan, and Roz! Hope you're both well. It's so funny you said that, Roz, that's what I'm drawn to, too, now: slightly dusky hues, in pale pink, pale blue.. even a little mint green/turquoise.. all as light, and dusky, as possible. I think of it as the Bora Aksu palette!

I can't wait for you to see the shots I took from the Rare 'opulence' line. They asked us to wait til it's released on 1st April.. you'd look great in it!

the style crusader said...

is this from tu?

love the colours and the cupakes, of course!! xx