The bells are still pealing, we haven't yet had the balcony scene, but where we sat - in walking distance of Westminster Abbey - the sun came out as they exchanged their vows.

At the moment that Catherine first emerged, with her father, from the Goring hotel, and I had the first glimpse of Sarah Burton's beautiful, Grace Kelly-esque dress, altho I didn't at ALL used to be a wedding kind of woman, I surprised myself by bursting into tears.

At which point, my husband, Mr. Dot, started laughing. At me. 'I'm the wrong sex for this', said he, and went off to the gym. But before he left, he decided that he needed to bring the toe nail clippers into the living room, and cut his toe nails next to the television. My Prince Charming.


Nina Piccini said...

Grace Kelly is EXACTLY what I was thinking. I woke at 6am EST (I'm in NY), just in time to see her exit the Rols Royce with her father and sister, and I was taken away with her beauty and elegance! :) I burst into tears when Prince William told her she looked beautiful when she joined him at the altar.

She's the world's new Princess, not just Englands's.

Unknown said...

I watched it all and then went out to lots of street parties in London. The atmosphere is amazing!