have you ever trashed a hotel room

Sorry, but these answers to the mtv/ck one party contest thingy (click here) are just so hilarious and brilliant!

Have I ever trashed a hotel room? No, because I am so wired to be a good girl, and because for me half the fun of going on holiday is redecorating the hotel room (I read that about Kate Moss: friends said she's got such a great sense of style it carries into her 'lifestyle': she was on the road so much as a model she'd just effortlessly whip out a few scented candles, throw a scarf over a chair.. just make a hotel room her own).

My BROTHER, on the other hand... (Mom, hope you're not reading this). He's a musician and been either on tour or recording on location since he was 15. And he's a good photographer: I wish he could publish a coffee table book and call it 'Airports I have Known' because he's seen the world from the inside of private jets and the best hotels. But that's about all he's seen: he spends most of his life hanging around waiting for sound checks.

However he's got some brilliant stories.. some I've even witnessed, like the time they were recording in Woodstock and couldn't work out the state of the art heating system and decided their only hope of survival was to burn the furniture.. (I forget if they actually carried it out: I was THERE and I don't even remember). Or the alleged incident in Milan, or Florence, something to do with drag racing rented Mazzarettis and Ferraris at 3:00 a.m. and they turn down a street that was narrower than the car.. total write-off.. or that time when a giant inflatable pink pig was (allegedly) set free over Sydney.. I wish I could be that much of a wild spirit but I'm too scared of Karma biting me on the butt.

Photo by me at the OMM hotel, Barcelona. Hot pink plastic sandals: £6.99, Urban Outfitters, half price sale, several years ago. Comments: priceless.


Unknown said...

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the nyanzi report said...

Your brother is THE MAN!

Unknown said...

Burning furniture! if this was actually carried out, that is what you really call trashing a hotel hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jill:
Like you, I am wired to be respectful in a hotel. And I keep the hotel room neat - because there is less stuff to deal with.
I enjoy personalizing our a hotel room with flowers - and by moving its objects around.

Louise aka Anon.

jill said...

Louise! How good to hear from you! I'm trying to find your email(s) to reply - if you'd like please email me again, I'd love to catch up.

Simon, David, yeah, he the man. Southerners.. ALLEGEDLY! ; )

My mom sent me an email last night that said simply 'Yes I still do read your blog.'