nao and ashish

Nao Koyabu is a fashion stylist and journalist. You've probably seen her on my blog from time to time: we met at my first fashion week.

Nao is also, now, my friend.

Nao is not a blogger, and she doesn't do twitter.

Nao is really cool.

The other day we met in East London, where she lives, for the Village Press press day (try saying that three times fast). Uncannily, her shorts were pretty similar to this pair by Ashish, that I loved on the runway.

Nao was one of my two +one friends for the ckone party last night. She had mentioned Bip Ling when we had tea & cakes at a great cafe on Bacon Street with her design friend, Vinti, and soon as we were crammed into the entrance space - I swear, you couldn't MOVE, either in our out - who should I see but Bip herself. 'You're Bip Ling!' I said. Since she was, she smiled and said hi like she knew she was meant to know me, but of course, she didn't - but that's not what I meant. In the din and the roar of this crazy mental party, she thought I was just, you know, a fan. It was too noisy to explain that I just thought it was so funny, because I didn't know who she was and I had just googled her, hence recognising her, and instead, I pointed to Nao, right behind me, cool as a cucumber in a totally inappropriate, and yet perfectly unique, outfit consisting of a kind of faded thirties depression era print cotton house dress, and flats. 'Nao!' 'Bip!' Kiss kiss, chat chat.

Not much of a story, huh. I guess you had to be there. I wish you were: it was such fun. The next best thing to being there: ckone.com. Actually better probably cause you wouldn't have drinks spilled on you by cute guys, and you might not have slept til nearly 11 today.


style odyssey said...

i love seeing your posts with nao. her outfits are unique but always lovely and inspiring.

as for your photos, you make anything look good- even a holey sweater and sequin boxers!


mtg said...

ha-ha-ha, have to agree with stephanie! you can make anything look good :)
Jill, your last link took me to your old post about Alexander McQueen... Just fyi.

jill said...

; ) thanks Maya, Stephanie: my friend Kate alerted me. That's.. spooky. I think I was sending it to Emily @ fashion foie gras and that was the last thing I tweet pic'd - who knows.

Ghost in the machine.

big hug: thanks for stopping by, both of you: on a busy friday no less! xx

Rosalind said...

You mentioned two of my favourite people here - Bip, and Nao. Nao is absolutely lovely (and always looks incredible whenever I see her) and I have worked with her several times. In fact, she booked me for my first ever modelling job! And I met Bip at the last LFW after being in contact with her for several months. She is suddenly popping up all over the place - from the evening standard to Vogue. She's really nice too, and I would love to turn my camera on her and her equally gorgeous sister.
The party sounds great, and I'm glad that you had fun.
Oh, and I also agree with the above comments - great photography.

Wallace Chapman said...

she has great style..a sense of confidence ! w