royal wave

My friend Christine, who it turns out was also, with her fiance, among the crowd at Buckingham Palace yesterday, said "It was an INCREDIBLE experience....this entire thing. One of the best experiences I've had in London to date." I did go, it turns out, with the Big Dot: he's such a mercurial creature, after denouncing the whole thing as being for girls, he couldn't resist the urge - since we live in South Ken - to go walkabout.

I have so many more images to share but yesterday I did such a blitz that if you're here for the first time, you've got about a dozen to catch up on. These are mostly from the Bond Street window of Louis Vuitton. These dolls actually WAVE - they're all on batteries - it's hilarious. Check it out and when you do, walk a few feet up the road and check out the Smythson 'Royal Memorabilia' exhibit in the shop. It's inspiring.

Woke this morning and got this sense - I can't prove it, mind you, it's just a feeling - that Kate and Will woke as man and wife, probably not nearly as hungover as the hoards of masses celebrating, looked at each other and said 'well that went well, let's go swimming.'

Or at least, that's what we're up to today. How about you? What's on YOUR royal schedule?


the nyanzi report said...

only happens once every thirty years or so. they looked so beautiful and so much in love. a fairy tale indeed.

style odyssey said...

hah! swimming is the answer. thinking about it myself, actually...
the waving queen elizabeth dolls are too fun!

Matthew Spade said...

i did like them waving queenies!

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Wow! I loved the emotion of yesterday, I had only just recovered and then had another little cry whilst reading the papers this morning!

I saw them installing the mini waving queens on Wednesday and thought they were inspired!