smitten with smythson's: loving cup

As I'm editing these photos, I'm playing the Jack White/Stones duet 'Loving Cup' on youtube. I wish I could embed it for you but if you could open a window and click here, please do. It's just so so cool.

When I first met my (English) husband in NY, back when some of you were just a twinkling in your daddy's eye, we were walking together and reached a corner. The light was green one way, red to another, so we kept walking, the green way. 'Let the lights dictate, my friend Nick always says,' he told me, and ever since, especially when I'm alone, I let those words guide me.

That's what I did last Thursday: had already been to two meetings, starting at 9:00, and I had just finished one on Conduit Street when I reached Bond. The light turned green that second, and as I crossed I thought, I wonder what magic I will see now?

Soon as I turned left - the sunlight glistened on a window that caught my attention even before I realised it was Smythson's. Now, I've been Smitten with Smythson ever since we first moved here: before I had heard of Samantha Cameron, let alone knew she was their creative director. I was with a group of mutual friends, and met Elle Macpherson - who is so sweet. I'll never forget the image of her pulling a large hot pink leather Smythson notebook out of her bag and writing my name and number in her large, scrawling hand. To me it was the height of luxury.

While I'm so blatantly name dropping: I've actually met and shot her (SamCam) this last fashion week - I really should post about it). I was just so gushing & girly, I don't normally get star struck but she's just so cool: I mean, Carla Bruni is a great style icon for the French, but she and Michelle O are such inspiring style icons, and women, and wives and mothers..

Which leads me to: yes, the Royal Wedding.

When the Engagement was first announced, last November, I was - like most people - you know, all blase. After all: I was so proud of how I never dreamed of the white dress, the ring on my finger. My engagement ring is a sapphire, a small one surrounded by a few tiny diamonds: Mr. Dot uncannily chose something so similar to a childhood September birthstone ring. I never got it about diamonds. I didn't even wear white: it was a blue and white midi length slip of a thing, from Barney's.

My point being: I'd be the least likely candidate to get all gushing about this wedding. Or any wedding, even my own, least alone people I have never met (or not yet: I can't rule anything out in this or any other life). I can't even remember what I was doing, back in NY, during Charles & Di's: certainly not watching it on TV. Back then, I was way too cool for that stuff.

But this time.. maybe it's because these two truly seem so in love: not just in love, but happy, compatible: this is a grown up relationship, a modern romance. They've lived together so long. They KNOW this will work, as much as anyone can know about anything in this crazy world. Kate is such a star. In this post modern, post feminist world, I can't think of anything cooler, as a woman, than to be an asset to her Man. And while I know it's cool to say 'I don't care about the Royal Wedding'.. I don't not care. There's I've said it! So shoot me.

Smythson's have collaborated with Janice Blackburn, curator of contemporary craft and design at Sotheby's, to showcase brilliant modern British artists' innovative tribute to the Royal Wedding. The series of ceramic sculptures, shown here, are by KATIE McBRIDE. I love the beauty of these pieces (which are for sale, as is everything in the show), and I love her wit and whimsy: taking the 'memorabilia' aspects that most of us are pretty cynical about - I even saw an ad tying in selling COMPUTERS with the Royal Wedding (that's a stretch) - and turning the idea on its head.

The whole collection sums up, for me, everything that is Great about Britain: the wit. The irony. The talent. The idea of respect for tradition, but not taking it all too seriously, least of all, Oneself.

Over the next few days, in addition to One's normally scheduled program of streetstyle and whatnot, I shall display photos of the various artists' contributions. But if you're in town til 3rd May, see them for yourself at the flagship Smythson store on New Bond Street.


trevor said...

Ha. Great stuff, love that Smythson's put that exhibition on

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Love seeing how each british brand is putting a unique spin on the wedding and I think you are right, Britain is great at turning something classic into a little bit quirky and avant garde!