something tells me we're not in kansas anymore

Yesterday was just the most amazing day: starting with Chanel press day, ending with the party in Shoreditch to launch Mawi's first shop. EVERYONE was there: a street carnival yet exclusive: door policy strictly yet sweetly enforced by Ali: if your name was on the list a girl gave you a sweeties bracelet which was your tag and then Lexxi and I were in: a world of barkers, popcorn, hot guys, cool girls.. trannie fortune tellers.. FABULOUS music mixing old Stones & Beatles with stuff I didn't know but loved (figures: Daisy Lowe DJ'd the mix).

Don't know what they'd have done if it rained, but it was the most glorious celebration of the start of summer I could ever ask for. Such fun. And as if we've been chomping at the bit for the opportunity, the most conspicuous display of colour blocking I've yet to see. Off the runway. I felt like Dorothy, landing in Oz after a lifetime (or so it seemed) of this winter's cold grey dark blah blahs: suddenly, the world was rosy and technicolour.

Did I mention the jewels? Ah, the jewels. I LOVE MAWI. More to come: I just can't put it all in one post, it would take forever for you to download. And let's face it, peanuts: time is money.

Mawi launches in Shoreditch shortly. Meanwhile, go to MAWI.CO.UK. You definitely want to get on their list.


Veshoevius said...

I love Mawi too! I've got one of their amazing leopard head necklaces and matching earrings which I can't wait to wear this summer. Didn't know they were getting their own shop though! That's exciting news. Here was my two cents on them for LFW

daisychain said...

The first photo! The little girl reminds me of Madeline!

adrielleroyale said...

Such Great and Fun photos!!! I love the vast array of colors and jewelry, all so (seemingly) out of the norm and fabulous! :)

Rosalind said...

Jill, it sounds like you have been attending some incredible events recently - lucky you! I have been enjoying reading your accounts of all of them. The photos here are wonderful. They feel so vibrant, which sounds like the party itself. And that first shot? So sweet - I love her little straw hat.
The post you did for Style East was lovely. I am now off toleave a comment on her blog!
And also thanks for the comment. Funnily enough, I adore balck and white photography - not sure why. I guess it is very classic, and means one can focus in on composition and shape.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like an absolutely magic and amazing event! Do you have any pictures of designer herself and street style photos of people wearing Mawi?

jill said...

They're all wearing Mawi. No I didn't shoot Mawi - I saw her - I don't know why, come to think of it. Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

so you have deleted my comment about paedophilia question.

jill said...

Yeah, Anon, I did: only because you just seemed so, I dunno, cranky and bitter. And it didn't seem any of your business but since you're clearly gonna hound me til I answer: (sigh) YES, I asked her dad first. He didn't understand why I was asking - he was just a really normal, chilled, great dad with a great kid and of course, people like that are fine. You know why?

(read my lips):

There is no way on God's earth that posting a photo of this child will in any way cause her harm. I have not published her name, or where she lives. Even if you happen to be a paedophile yourself, Anonymous, I challenge you to find this little girl and cause her any harm.

Hope I've answered that question to your satisfaction. Have a nice day : )

Abimarvel. said...

whaaat? I didn't see you there :O It was pretty crowded, but so awesome, nice pictures.