street fighting man

It was so surreal the other day... starting the day with canapes at Chanel and finishing with the Mawi launch: even tho it said it on the invite, I didn't realise til I read it in Lexxi's post), DUH, that Daisy Lowe was actually spinning the tunes. All I knew the music was fabulous. Including classic, vintage Stones.

Showed this to my husband, Mr. D, and he said 'looks like an early shot of Keef Richards. That's spelled with a double E, by the way.'

What does he think I was, born yesterday?

As I wandered through the streets of Shoreditch in glorious sunshine, I felt like I had time travelled to NY, downtown, a million years ago. And this song kept playing in my head.

Another version.. pretty weird.

Incidentally: the ck one tickets are still available: check the post below. But especially, if you can spare the time, read the comments: the entries so far are BRILLIANT! I'm hoping to get more than two tickets, so it's worth a shot. Oh and if you don't believe in Karma, or you've never trashed a hotel room, I'm happy to hear either why you don't (believe in it) or how you'd trash a hotel room, given the opportunity.

After all: you cannot win if you do not play.


Veshoevius said...

Actually I think he (first photo) looks more like Paul Weller!

Pearl Westwood said...

Yes he does look like Paul Weller!! What a feast for the eyes Jill, so much to take in, in this post, wonderful x

Patricia said...

OMG...Such a stylish man! He reminds me of some of the guys from the film 'the boat that rocked' ...BTw...great idea for the blog and i absolutely love it!

Matthew Spade said...

loved this post, it's very colourful! liking all the diff images together

ediot said...

this is a brilliant post. i love it. well put together.
i've always loved rolling stones, just because my father listened to it so much when i was little(and he still does).