we are all stars

I've seen this girl around - fashion week, press days - and meant to ask to shoot her, at the Converse party, but we were all having such fun I didn't get around to it. She's always got the trends spot on: just the simplicity of bright green trousers, seemingly carelessly cuffed, slouchy white tee, but that great jacket channelling Chanel (perhaps it is).* Red lips, nails.. effortlessly chic.

*(Actually, it's not. It looks like IRO - on sale @ Net-a-Porter - so big thank you to Fi @FashionMusicEquals for figuring that one out - and she's got a great blog).

The Converse All Stars (in aqua) were part of the installation/exhibit, which is hard to describe: HQ is so vast, they did such a brilliant job with it, like being at the Tate Modern. I'll have to show you in segments. And last but not least: a cool green notebook- pretty much exactly the colour of the girl's trousers in real life - from Smythson, in jade, the day I let the lights dictate (previous post).

It's been THE most glorious unexpectedly brilliant weekend: swam every single day, got tan (well, I did: He got burnt), saw friends, had fun, and we didn't have to go thru security, show a passport, pay someone to feed the cat, or give up our water bottles. I'm all for staycations if they can be like this one. Happy Easter everyone. Hope all's lovely where you are. Oh and speaking of stars, Tina Fey kills me. Her last answer for the Vanity Fair Proust Questionaire (your motto): 'Stop reaching for the stars!'


Fi said...

Love the blog! That girl with the green trousers does look amazing, love the laid back style and doesn't look try hard at all! Thought I would let you know I think the jacket she is wearing in the photo is from the brand IRO.
Thanks Fi x

Matthew Spade said...

i would love to work for converse, they seem really creative and fun. this is what i like

SabinePsynopsis said...

Gee, I'm breaking my head about the 'right' coloured trousers. Everyone is doing red now, and green isn't for me - although they look SO great on her, and this jacket... don't get me started, it's beautiful! - so now I'm trying yellow, although I totally fear yellow. Well, we'll see.

It was lovely having you and Mr D. around, Jill. Got to do that again!


Shopgirl said...

I love the colour of her trousers. And think that red nails always look so effortlessly chic and on trend. I keep buying bottles of red polish when I go away and forget to take polish with me!! Those Converse in aqua are to-die-for! I need that colour - think they are the next colour I plan to get :) (Think I might be getting addicted to buying Converse in EVERY colour!!)

Hope you had a good bank hol Jill, xx

jill said...

Thank you, Fi: I didn't know IRO (consciously: I might well know it sub-consciously) but the first jacket I found happened to be on Net-a-Porter, and on sale to boot - and I think that's hers! And I love your blog (I've added it to the post).

Mat: me, too. Actually, even tho we haven't met in the real world, I was thinking of you at the party and thinking 'Mat would so love this.' And I still haven't even shown the best parts!

Sabine: it was SO LOVELY. I didn't ask if I could mention it on the blog but as long as you have first: I love your world! Thank you. And that's so funny: I can't wear red trousers - EVER - can't even do red lips or nails. Green isn't for me, either - not that green, altho I can do it in things like shirts sometimes, and I totally fear yellow, too. I can do lime green.. but unless it's pale yellow, I can't do NY taxi cab yellow because of the bumblebee effect. I love the idea tho of conquering our fears by wearing the colours we can't stand!

And Shopgirl (Emily) thank you sweet pea! Hope you did, too. Aqua is my go-to bright colour, that and hot pink. Altho if I'm wearing hot pink, then I'm allowed orange, which, without pink, I fear. And I'm the same way: there seems to be something about airports.. I inevitably buy a bottle or two of nail polish at the Boots @Heathrow.


A Girl, A Style said...

While I'm normally a colour-phobe, I am in LOVE with my new bright coloured pants for spring (papaya pink in my case), and love them best worn casually rolled up and unironed, with heels and a tee.

Oh btw, this girl is Rosa Connell, she's a fashion assistant at Elle (you can always see her here: http://www.elleuk.com/style/what-elle-wears) - I always see her around LFW, etc. and she always looks so effortless, yet so spot on!

Briony xx