what they're wearing now

Just got home: left this morning @ 8:00, and have been at meetings, root canal, visit with a loooovely friend, culminating with great finale for press day week which lasted nearly a month: Converse. But too tired to upload so instead I want to summarise what I was thinking on the way home (because despite the long day, it was really so chilled, the weather so glorious, and really quite stressless).

What they're wearing right now:

• shorts: the shorter the better

• bare legs: pale is fine, it's just such a relief after all this time to go bare

• flats: either bright sandals, little pumps, or, provided there is something feminine and/or expensive on top to balance it out, Converse sneakers, anything but big crazy heels

• OR.. classic court pumps, with bare legs: in which case it's dresses, not shorts

• white tee shirts, balanced with lots of chains & cool necklaces

• Chanel esque jackets, preferably balanced out with something really dressed down. I'm psyched to wear a hand me down from my sister (not Chanel) in crazy plaid, with a white tee and denim short shorts, and Converse.

I am so in the mood for all of this right now. That's all I've got to say. Tomorrow, when I'm not so tired, I'll start editing shots but for now, saying goodbye & good night.

Shot, by me, at Chanel press day, and below, Yaa, as before, at Juicy Couture hen party.


daisychain said...

Yaaaa <3

Shopgirl said...

Ooooo, yes, how did the Converse press day go?!! So cool!!!!! Love your list - and nice to hear that pale legs are ok - mine are soooooo pale (I've got English "rose" skin combined with Eastern European pale complexion with basically makes me WHITE!!).

Hope you're enjoying the weather this easter weekend, xx