white now

Really into white right now.. maybe it's all the wedding theme swirling round.. or maybe it's just the glorious warmth of a day like yesterday: more from my 'white swan' series (Serpentine/Hyde Park) and with Nao - who is omniscient - and introduced me to the work of Peter Jenson, who she feels, (and I agree), is a genius. And she should know.

Thank you to the folk @ Village Press. And to MOther Nature (for the swan).

It feels like everyone I know is somewhere else, or going somewhere else. We're here. Where are you? Happy Bank Holiday Weekend, Passover, and Good Friday, all!


The Photodiarist said...

Gorgeous gorgeous post. Love the way you connect the various textures. Very creative, Jill.

jill said...

Thank you, PD! I was feeling like no one was out there - but praise from you is worth 225 comments ; )

Have a great long weekend.

mtg said...

I'm just now getting in the mood for white. Beautiful photos.
I wish I could tell you we're taking a trip to London, or Paris, but we're just staying here. Weekend full of baseball, ballet and soccer. Our church hosted an Easter Egg hunt already last weekend.
Have a great weekend!

style odyssey said...

Jill...this post...it's so beautiful! There's a serenity, a lushness, and an innocence to these images. You really sore as a photographer when you capture ethereal whites and other soft colors (especially those milky aquas).
Happy Easter weekend! I keep my Skype on most of the time now...look for me when you get time.

style odyssey said...

typo! i meant "you really soar"...sorry, i'm exhausted, brain not working so well!

Anonymous said...

that skirt is incredibly gorgeous

ediot said...

what a wonderful post. i so adore your nature photography. the swan photos are divine.
and i just fell completely in love with that sweater. MUST have