will the real gemma arterton please stand up

The music was so great - and so loud - it was really such a fun party, so when Naomi, who is soft spoken to begin with, said 'Oh look, there's Gemma Arterton' I kept saying 'Who?' and then 'Oh look, Kate's friends with Gemma Arterton'. Then Kate introduced me to her, except she isn't Gemma Arterton, she's a chef, named Izzy. A television chef. And Kate's friend.

Later that same night, I saw Izzy with that same fabulous beehive do - not a hair out of place - at the ckone party. I was with Nao. The music was really loud there, totally different to the Havaianas wellies launch at Selfridges (this guy was playing live at the party: he was soooo good). And Nao's pretty soft spoken, too, but when I tried to tell her I had thought that was Gemma Arterton she said 'no, she's a chef.'

And she's not Izzy, she's GIZZY ERSKINE: and Anonymous, yes I did do my homework before I put up this post. What can I say: I can't watching everything on TV. But I certainly will try.

Then I ran into Georgina again: she was telling a friend and I about someone with this handlebar moustache (that's a word you don't see in print: I had to spell check it). I thought she was talking about a girl. We started talking about adding handlebar moustaches in photoshop to beautiful girls' photos, telling people it was a new trend, like dark eyebrows. See how far it spreads.

Well, it was funny at the time.

Oh what can I say: guess you had to be there. Is it me or am I just not telling good stories these days? I'm writing well (I've started a novel) but it just feels like on my blog.. just can't seem to properly say the thoughts in my head. It's possibly hay fever. Or maybe I'm just losing the power of speech.


Fayoona said...

ah i was there too and didn't see you! in fact i only saw izzy gizzy! oh well!
x fi

Ellie said...

I love Gizzi Erskine! And I love Georgie so by default i love this post :D

Patricia said...

i love these clothing...vintage is the best!