alice in waltonland

Sorry for the lame title. My friend Liz & I, after coffee at Jaks, were hanging out on someone's stoop on Walton Street (we're both from NY, we were being nostalgic - no one does that in London, at least, not in Knightsbridge!) & I noticed Alice bopping down the street. Then she bopped back, & I always take it as a sign: two bops, gotta at least ask to shoot them.

When I told her what it was for, she was happy to oblige, as 'none of my friends will see it anyway.' Love it! Two bops, two shots, and I'm posting both.

Speaking of friends: I've just got my 100th follower! (I do understand there's a difference between followers & friends). I only started it after I started the blog because I didn't want to look sad with like 4 followers (I don't even understand what a follower DOES - I mean, if I say jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it? I'd hope not!). Anyway, I was hoping to award a little prize to the 100th follower, but I can't for the life of me figure out who he or she is! I can't tell who joins, when. Oh, well. The important thing is, YOU know who you are, so hats off to you! : )


Mom Fashion World said...

i love the super chic outfit!


Ricky CATS & DOGS said...

haha, well I just follow blogs I don't wanna miss out on new posts cause they appear on the dashboard of blogger - but I guess that's just because I'm too dumb to use google reader xD
lovely outfit, she looks so happy!

Dot said...

Oh, my, does that mean you're my 100th, Ricky? : )

I follow other people's blogs randomly - not every blog that I love and visit am I a follower of.. what am I saying. I keep forgetting to check the blogger dashboard, anyway - and usually just look around on a whim.

Anyway, as anyone who's in their early months of a blog will know, any support - links, mentions, and especially, comments - is so appreciated! I suppose if I started getting 200 comments every time I posted, I might get blase, but I hope not. The conversation is what makes posting interesting for me.

Unknown said...

She looks super cool, i love the glasses very 80's sporty!

TheSleekGeek said...

i love the glasses!it's so coool!

yes, i love the randomness of streetstyle as well, sometimes, we can get some funny faces from those people at the back;)ha i'm glad that you finally opened it, looking forward to seeing your photos !