charcoal, with an orange twist

Sora & her sister, Sinae, are visiting London from South Korea, and we met them in South Kensington yesterday, trying to find the Science Museum (wow, that's a lot of S's! : )

Our neighbourhood is rather touristy now, as expected (we're going away soon, too) and that's changing the style dynamic. But I did notice, having posted Zaira, yesterday, in charcoal, that everyone - I mean, EVERYONE - out there in London is wearing grey in one form or another. (That, and the must have item in everyone's bag: black footless tights, or leggings). It's.. freaky. I even got myself in the mood to wear charcoal (my old favourite hooded cotton knit jumper that reminds me of a knight's chain mail, but it doesn't remotely hurt), along with white long shorts & my white havaianas.

I like Sora's twist of the orange accent. I'm thinking that charcoal - with a twist, in a bold colour like orange, or crisp white - is great on brunettes, esp. pale skinned, like Zaira, while blonds or pale skinned redheads are better with palest, ethereal grey, teamed with beige, nude, or palest blue. (And yet, I think the paler palette would look brilliant on dark skin).

And I don't know if you can see on the close-up, but her nail polish was a really lovely pale pink. I didn't even look down at her feet, it's a bit washed out but her sandals look lovely, too. I wish I could have sourced her outfit for you, but I could see English wasn't too easy for them, and besides, I didn't want to hold them up. Very very nice girls, I just feel bad for them because today is an even greyer day - it's raining now - and they deserve a bit of sunshine.


StyleSpy said...

That dress is wonderful.

As one of the pale-skinned redheads of which you speak, I find that I can only wear a dark, charcoal, nearly-black gray. The light- and mid-tone ones seems to just reflect in my skin and make me look corpse-like, so I avoid them like the plague.

christine said...

love this look.

Rosalind said...

I love that dress! It has a really classic shape, and charcoal grey has always been one of my favourite clothing colours. I think it has a real timeless elegance...
I agree, the orange is really great! Its a lovely flash of colour and makes the outfit quite playful.
I love the simplicity of the other outfit too, and as always, a camera completely accessorizes! (:


Ricky CATS & DOGS said...

wow, such a sweet sweet dress :)

Stephanie Clayton said...

the jolt of orange against her charcoal gray dress is delightful!
as for me, i find charcoal makes a better contrast against my pale skin and platinum hair than a lighter gray...although having said that, i enjoy wearing gray in all shades!
lovely post, as always.

Stephanie said...

Love that outfit, so simple and chic. I would love it even more if she were wearing full tights!