two jungs (serendipity in black, white & hot pink)

I went with my friend Claudia (from Italy) to the V&A for jasmine tea and orange and almond cake and a chat, and as we were walking in I saw this girl with a group just outside on the steps. I love the details of her dress - the texture. Because it was clearly some kind of group trip I asked the leader if I could shoot her - and had to shoot quickly as the rest of the group were ribbing her mercilessly, giggling etc - but she was really sweet about posing. I didn't ask what country they were from, or where she got anything, but there was a lovely little bow thing when she took out her card and gave one to me and one to Claudia.

I shot her taking the card out because her nail varnish was such a lovely variety of pastel colours - but didn't catch that. And for any you interested in attempting credit card fraud, I've changed enough of the digits digitally, you'll never work it out. HOWEVER, I am linking you to her site, because it looks fabulous!

Later, I decided it was time to finally open and photograph and try on my wonderful beautiful hand made tights from my blog-friend Jun, the sleek geek in Hong Kong. (more about that later: the big D just came in from the rain & needs feeding asap). The spooky part is, when I looked closely at the card... well, see for yourself. These are her cards, above, and this is one of the shots of the package from Jun (more posts, post pasta).


Rosalind said...

That dress is really gorgeous! I agree on your view of the texture.. It works really well. And the red shoes work well as they balance out the colour.
You really do find some very unique individuals! Your blog is great for street style (:


StyleSpy said...

You're right, the texture is great. Love that.

Unknown said...

Hey.As a South Korean myself, I can recognise that she is from South-Korea too by clicking her blog. I love her dress too!