more fringe benefits

Everything is connected.

The following happened simultaneously: I posted on my friend Charlotte's brown suede fringe sandals, went to the V&A and saw this girl from Russia. Okay, fair enough, it's a trend.

But then we were parking the car near home and Mr. Dot pointed out this (above). He kept saying 'Look at this' and I was like, look at WHAT? I didn't see the fringe in front of my face.

It was a custom made brand spanking new motorcycle, with all kinds of cool fringe doo dads: all in the same brown suede! Didn't have my good Pentax with me - wasn't expecting to shoot that day - but always have a little tiny no frills digital Pentax on me in case of emergencies.

While I was shooting, I heard a voice say 'the owner lives here'. Inches away, just below street level, was Jon, doing work on the house of the owner of the company who makes these motorcycles, the Indian Motorcycle Company! The company has just come to the UK. I asked if I could shoot him (Jon) for my blog. He smiled and said he doesn't always dress like this. I'd love to see how he dresses when he's not painting. He reminds me a bit of a young Rupert Everett, actually.

When we went back home, as promised, he left me the company card, tucked into the windscreen, which is how I was able to source these motorcycles for you, should you be in need of some transport to match your footwear. I'm totally intrigued now about this mystery owner, because his house is gorgeous (not to mention, his staff).


StyleSpy said...

Indian is a venerable old motorcycle company and their bikes are gooooooorgeous. Hope the cover's off tht one the next time you go past so you can get a good look at it.

Dot said...

Actually, that's what Jon offered - to shoot it without the cover, when the owner was back home. I'll try to get a shot and post it & let you know : ) x

Angela said...

wish i can see the bike.

Aline Dahl said...

I looooove the first picture! the colours are absolutely amazing!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Why are all of the motorcycles I see up close and personal so unfashionable? I want to see one decked out in fringe! :)

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Personally I've never been a fan of fringe, but I don't hate it as much as I used to. On a bike, though--well, that's different. It looks cool, unexpected. And yes, that man looks exactly like Rupert Everett! Good call!

Stephanie Clayton said...

i'm not usually a big fan of fringe, but these photos are great! the motorcycle fringe, i can certainly appreciate for its uniqueness and style.
great post, as always!

Lynn said...

hi! what beautiful images you have here! it makes me want to pay london a visit again. i love the wording on your posts as well. very engaging.

when you get married, some freedom you have enjoyed before goes out the window! im used to being independent and not having to answer to somebody so it was definitely disconcerting. but you get used to it eventually :).

thanks for stopping by my site. i'll be coming back to yours for more wonderful posts! :)

eLLy* said...

What an honour to have our blog to be listed on yours. Thank you!

Now...back to fringe, I love the fringe IF they are properly used. Too much can caused distraction to ones eyes @_@. But THAT motorbike....it is just way too cool and is blinding my eyes!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,
I just found you. Wonderful idea to have a blog dedicated to what real people wear in the street (I'm no fan of Vogue, can you tell?) and great subject to show your own perception of life (your images are brilliant, in other words); I also happen to loooove apparel with polka dots (it's the ultimate expression of femininity, in my view - every girl should have a few items w/p dots in her wardrobe). You go, darling!

On the subject of fringes, didn't Louboutin start the ball on this trend this time around? Immediately after I saw his fringe high heels, it was like everyone had remembered "oh, I have something like that in my closet" and started pulling out their shoes, booties, bags, coats...

Not that I would wear these Louboutin sandals, though; I think the man is a true artist, but this idea in particular I find a bit unpractical and when it comes to my clothes, I feel the need to marry art & beauty with comfort and "wear-ability".

Looking forward to your post on that classic/trendy Indian bike.

Best wishes
Suze oxox

Dottie said...

Well that would be really interesting, Suze, to trace where the fringe meme started this time round. I mean, I assume the 70s trend grew out of the outlaws/wild west and especially, at that time pop culture was dominated in America at least, by the LA music scene (Crosby Stills & Nash, etc).

When a trend springs seemingly out of nowhere, it's fascinating because it's not like one particular brand profits: everyone that jumps on the band wagon profits. Do you happen to remember when he came out with those... I don't even know what to call them. Are they boots? Sandals? Leggings? Shoeggings?

I've been meaning for weeks to do my homage to some Louboutins that I saw in his Mayfair store, and I haven't seen anywhere else. I agree: he truly is an artist in that he's completely captured the public's imagination. Well, half the public; the female half. : ) I don't think men really get it, esp. if they're paying for them.

Suze said...

Well, I'm not sure. As far as I have noticed, he has been doing fringes for at least two years: there was this pair in black that all those movie celebrities were wearing in 2007; but I would say the wild west inspired style (fringes in suede, I mean) is more since his Spring '09 collection (I think I saw it as early as March, but time flies; it could have been before that). I know they came out at the same time as these lovely pink petal sandals that I so wish I could afford (if I were filthy rich).

I'd really like to see the pair you liked. I hope you post it soon. His designs say a story all by themselves; you actually have to think what you would wear to match so much drama. Louboutin and Max Azria are all the craze right now, aren't they?

StylePicks said...

I like her bag