oh so gigi

My friend Liz and I were hanging by the fountain at the V&A and it was closing, so we joined a stream of blissed out sheep being herded out by an invisible shepherd. Of all days not to have my Pentax Spotmatic: I quickly snapped this with my little digital Pentax. No time to shoot close-ups, or source anything. I don't even remember their names (perhaps the daughter's is Coralee). It's only now I can appreciate the bows on the daughter's sandals, or the stitch detailing in the mother's jacket style cardigan.. Coralee's style reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, circa 1959 or '61, in a film in Paris, or Rome. Gigi? They both had lovely lilting accents, but from what country, I haven't a clue.

I love how they aren't trying to follow any trend. They've got class, and good manners,. I doubt they planned to 'match', with their deep, not ice cream coloured skirts, more like gelato: pistachio and raspberry, yum, and yet, their looks are as compatible as their personalities. And not a stitch of make-up. They just let their natural beauty shine thru.


Sophie said...

they look so happy and nice. luv those colours & your stories.

coralie said...

we did look horrible on that day but I find your idea of a blog with such natural snapshots a fantastic one.
btw we're french