hello, polka dot!

Just came across this shot from a recent Sunday, and the way they're dressed feels like more than a season ago. The look on London streets is suddenly so 'back to school'.. so stylish, but so wintry! So one last hello & goodbye to summer - altho for half the planet, spring is here, and for some of you, it's summer year round!

I'm breaking my self-imposed 'no one under 16' rule because they're anonymous and faceless. I've got another shot somewhere, in exactly the same spot, where a woman and child are in the same position. When I find that one, I'll post it, too, you'll see.

This was a very polka dot summer, especially on little girls, don't you think?

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I adore polka dots - and I think people of any age can wear them, as long as they do it right. Miniscule polka dots for adults; big, loud ones for children. I agree, this was a very polka dot like summer for little girls. So cute! :)