RIP IT!! RIP IT!! (or, let them eat cake)

As per yesterday's post (two jungs), I've kept the package I had received from Jun, the sleek geek in Hong Kong on my dresser for weeks now, unopened.. well, I hadn't actually opened the inner package with my handmade commissioned tights. I don't know what is wrong with me! What can I say: I'm the kind of girl who, at my own birthday parties, would drive my guests crazy because I'd painstakingly peel back the Scotch Tape, try to save every ribbon, didn't want to rip the wrapping paper... my friends would be screaming RIP IT! RIP IT! with frustration because the whole opening the presents stage was taking forever and they wanted to get onto the cake, and I'm sure it's been maddening for Jun, who went to all the trouble of sending this.

Anyway, yesterday I found a quiet moment, just me & the cat.

Big mistake. As I was shooting.. it would have been hilarious, if it weren't so scary. Our lovely reincarnated cat, Tigger (aka Pooh, in a previous life) was hell bent on getting those tights in his sharp clutches and ripping them to shreds. I haven't even included all the shots: I was just shooting away, because digital is free, like some kind of mad journalist in a war torn zone. I finally had to stop because the poor tights were in peril, hiding deep within the package. So, Jun, I'm afraid, I can't post a shot of me wearing them, yet, as they're safely back in their package, on a high shelf.

But from what I've seen, I LOVE THEM!! It says my name in Mandarin. I'd love to wear them with a navy silk cocktail dress I had made, and black heels with bows. Or, just about anything. What I think would be fab for single girls is to get their name made, and their phone number, and wear them out clubbing. This way you don't have to stop dancing to indicate to a cute guy to call.


StyleSpy said...

I'm making big loud woodgie-woodgie noises here. What a sweetie! That settles it -- I'm coming to London and I'm stealing A) your wardrobe and B) your cat!

TheSleekGeek said...

WOOOOW it's so weird to look at these photos,i feel like they're not made by me haha but these pictures are beautiful!It seems you've got a perfect camera!;)
by the way, your cat is so cute!!Its seems interested in the package very much lol

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note- Mandarin is a spoken language, Chinese is a written one. These are very cute though.

dottie said...

Whoever wrote that anonymously, thank you! I wasn't even sure if it was Mandarin or Cantonese, as Jun speaks both (& English, and a few other languages, too, I'm sure). So Jun if you're reading this: which language are my tights in? They're Greek to me!

Anonymous said...

cool stockings- keep the kitty away!Can you shoot yourself wearing them- love to see what you put together

TheSleekGeek said...

haha hello i'm here!
they're chinese, also cantonese.
P.S haha i cant stop laughing when i see "They're Greek to me!" haha it's too funny!

jC said...

Jun: is that an expression that translates to Chinese? You're kidding! (It's weird, as different as we are - age, geography - we really do think alike!)

M: That is exactly my plan, once I lock the cat in the loo.