re source (another cinderella story, solved!)

Today's thought, as I often think, is that everything is connected. I recently received two seemingly unrelated emails, from two different beautiful women I photographed. You might remember this posting ('another cinderella story'), well.. I'll let her (excerpted) email speak for itself:

This is HwaJung Yoon from South Korea who you met in Waitrose... Now I have seen my pics there and read what you have "suffered" from (not knowing any details about the items and me..)

Those denim leggings are from Tabio (Japanese brand, I believe). I got coral grey ones too (few shops in London including Harrods, Sloan Sq, Covent Garden...) And the shoes are from my country, South Korea. And the brand is called 'Solmilan'. I don't know if it is imported to South Korea from elsewhere (e.g. Italy..sounds like...)
... Thank you for the pics. They are all lovely. It is great to see myself in such a beautiful blog.

Hope we run into each other soon again. Wish you a lovely evening.

Best Regards, HwaJung Yoon

(& I will post the other Cinderella story later, as Mr. Dot is getting antsy to get out of town!)


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