slip splash

Back when we had our 'heat wave' (in hindsight, now that it's cold & rainy again, I use that term loosely), I went thru a phase where I was wearing my slip all week, styling it all different ways. Alas Mr. Dot isn't Mr. Photographer - or rather, he wouldn't document it - so I had to resort to shooting myself at the V&A, my latest favourite place next to the Serpentine, for an alternative to actual swimming (they let you wade thru the pool, but it's too shallow to swim in).

On another day that week, I was in the tube and met a really nice mother & daughter visiting from the states. Mindy, the mom, shot me with HER camera & I tossed my card at her before getting off the stop. I couldn't believe she actually took the time to email it to me when she returned home! People constantly amaze me.
I'm really into thinking of how we dress ourselves as creating a palette of colours and textures, using our own bodies and skin tones as a base. Thinking much like a gardener. To that end, I've created a little mood collage for your viewing pleasure, shot from a walk thru Kensington Gardens.


Monika Poppy said...

love the first pic


Amanda Diamondstein-Cieplinska said...

I love that slip - where did you find it? And the idea of combining colours and textures is so interesting.

I actually just bought a similar pair of shoes but in black!


Kt D said...

hey... saw your post to Ricky on Cats&Dogs about her ASH wedges, I dunno if she responded yet but I know you can find them on asos.com... they are called the "Mega High Strappy Buckle Wedge" lol... I wanted them the first post I saw of her in them, so I researched immediately. I understand the need for the ASH :)

actually I'll stop being cryptic here's the url:



Stephanie Clayton said...

very nice post. the slip is such a pretty nude color.
i love the mood collage- looking forward to seeing more!

Boubou said...

i don't use usually leave you a comment, but i always view your posts, keep your work up you do a great job ;)
Boubou xx