mind the gap

The other day I posted a shot of a girl in a coral bubble skirt, and I was wondering where she got her boots. A few days later, I found a similar look in the Times Sunday Style section, as '...every fashion editor's most-wanted footwear: £98, from Gap'.

(This was clearly written by a British editor, because every American girl worth her salt knows it's THE Gap. And I'm not linking the site as I've looked: no boots there yet.) Anyway, it's not the same heel - I love the heel on the Girl with the Coral Bubble Skirt - but it's still really nice, don't you think?


Bette V. said...

I like the boots, put them on my wishlist with the other 163 pair shoes I would die to buy ;)


Anonymous said...

great boots- thanks for alerting me to the trend- I have to admit I haven't seen these yet. Heading to NYC in a week- maybe they'll be out and about by then.

Unknown said...

I think they're fantastic!! I adore bright fashion too! Thanks for your sweet comments! I will definately be posting more on wedding adventures!!

Suze said...

What struck me at the initial post was the girl's bold choice to put on that pair of boots instead of pumps or sandals to match that particular dress (colour combination included); Talk about fashion STATEMENT! Once you see it together, you can almost not imagine there is another way to wear that look (thumbs up!). Of course the boots are sensational; it's not just the heels (which seem comfortable enough to run a marathon) the whole "suede tied up with leather straps" thing going on is ├╝ber-interesting and dare I say sexy.